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Is Devolution Working in Kenya?

It has been reported that counties absorbed more than 60% of development budget in the last financial year, while central government managed less than 50%. Counties have only been here for under 3 years and central government for 50 years. Perhaps, devolution is the only good thing that has ever happened in Kenya's political history. May be Kenyans should resolve to unreservedly support any effort to improve and enhance service delivery at the county level, by the time devolution will be 50, like Kenya is, may be Kenya will be different. I recently, heard Bishop Korir of the Catholic Diocese of Eldoret say that, at last, there is government presence in certain parts of the Rift valley, places which have never known government for 50 years. We may need to think about that. 

The case of Failure in Makueni County

Whereas other counties have recorded impressive progress, the situation in Makueni county has been rather different. The county has experienced its share of unprecedented troubles since its formation nearly three years ago. But of concern is the measures that have been taken to address the issues in Makueni, especially the ones by the national government led by President Kenyatta.  For instance, recently the President formed a task force led by Mr. Mohammed Nyaoga to invetigate the isses in Makueni and report to the President with recommendations on how to address those issues. Indeed, the Commission went on to carry out its duties and within accepted time issued its report. Interestingly President Kenyatta shelved the Nyaoga report and told the people of Makueni and the nation at large that there are other available mechanisms that need to be exploited. 

Well I have been wondering why the Nyaoga task force was formed by President Uhuru Kenyatta only to release recommendations which the same appointing authority in the name of the President vetoed. President Kenyatta shamelessly told the country that we do not have to implement the Nyaoga recommendations since there were in place many conflict resolution mechanisms to address the issues in Makueni. Now that was interesting but not shocking in this part of the world, it seems.

I do not Understand

But hey, I do not seem to understand something here. Why was the president forming a committee only to dismiss its recommendations and argue that there are other mechanisms which need to be exploited? Why didn't we activate such mechanisms and exhaust them before thinking of a special committee? Just who advices government and why did such a person decide to mislead government, and the president in particular? And why does our president allow himself to mislead on popular knowledge? OK, it simply means I seem to have more and more questions; I therefore do not quite understand. I might not be alone anyway.

Misuse of Public Resources

It is simply, a reckless misuse of public funds which the same government doesn't want to pay for necessary services like teaching. It is another clear demonstration that, the Nairobi administration led by Uhuru Kenyatta is totally and completely not in touch with the reality. Before we start using the hearts, we may need to declare our government incompetent. May be that is too harsh. So I do not know how better to rate a government that takes wrong measures, and one that makes wrong decisions, not ones, not twice but rather quite annoyingly frequently. 

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