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Kenya Needs Salvation from its Past

If Kenya is to overcome its past and attain cohesion and sense of nationhood there are certain values that need to be cultivated and upheld such as truth, justice, equity, inclusivity. The political gymnastics of this government and its supporters do not in any way aid this, instead the populace is being tactfully forced to succumb to the political idiosyncrasies of 2 or 3 individuals and their respective tribes at the expense of a nation.

Even a Kisii is a Kenyan too 

What an average Kisii is interested in is not whether or not Ruto is convicted or acquitted but rather answers to why the sons and daughters of Gusii land were murdered, maimed, displaced and their property destroyed in 2007-8 and government genuine plans and strategies to redress this and ensure justice. 

Fallacious Narratives 

Narratives such as the one given by Murithi Mutiga's that if Ruto is jailed it will cause a problem in the Rift Valley and hence Kenya are clear attempts to tie the rest of Kenya to the Rift Valley and specifically the Kalenjin nation if not an outright abuse to the rest of us Kenyans. Kenya goes beyond Kalenjins; it belongs to many of us. We should not succumb to the temptation of tying the history and future of our nation to few individuals and their tribes. I think people need to, at least begin, to invoke some form of reasoning.

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