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President Kenyatta Takes a Swipe on Western Envoys over Corruption in Kenya

Kenyatta Tells Envoys Off

All was not over yet, yesterday again I see the president abuse western envoys and tell them off for raising concerns over runway corruption in Kenya. Well I mean no country would allow diplomats to meddle in its internal affairs but come on Mr. President what these guys said is unfortunately the truth, clearly they are on the same page with majority of many averagely reasonable Kenyans. I have no idea how a president can tell off people who have threatened to issue travel sanctions on corrupt individuals and gone further to promise that they are ready to help Kenya regain corrupt money stashed to their countries.

For the good of the nation, I think the president should be willing and ready to work with many other people, institutions and organizations that can help him, his government and Kenya and Kenyans to fight the runway corruption, even when such entities are foreign. I do not seem to know anything wrong with a foreigner helping us catch thieves and recover some proceeds of theft stashed abroad. But again yes, Kenya is certainly a sovereign country, we cannot be lectured by foreign envoys, they should actually keep quiet. I think that could have been the advice given to the president and he was executing it when he was fuming at the foreign envoys. But with the postmodern world of complex emergencies, the global is extremely interconnected to allow for traditional sovereignty. Economic crimes are fast becoming a global problem that no country may claim to work alone in sufficiently tackling such. Our president and his government may need to reconsider their position if the war on corruption is to make strides.

Corruption in Kenya

Well I think I agree with Prof. Kisiangani that in Kenya we do have a bigger problem than we know. I think I know of one thing that has the potential to destroy Kenya and Kenyans and sure if we continue in this trajectory it shall consume us. It is greed. When George Aladwa says that if Raila wins the next election and it is stolen some people will die or that for Raila to be president some people have to die, Kenyans vent on social media, abuse each other purely along tribal lines and we move on. Equally when Moses Kuria says he has not given people machetes just to carry out farm work but also for cutting some other people opposing government projects, Kenyans vent on social media for one or few days and move on

Kenya’s Real Problem

Often times Kenyans think that Kenya’s problem is ethnicity, sometimes they think it is land, sometimes they think it is corruption, sometimes they think it is anything else. But no, I think differently, I think the Kenyan problem is something else, all what most Kenyans think are Kenya’s problems are actually manifestations of the actual problem. We have to dig deeper, go beneath and discover what underlies such as land and ethnic conflicts. In my view, Kenya’s real problem is greed. Yes, greed for land, for wealth, for power, for everything.
Consequences of Greed

The seeming unquenchable greed causes those in power to over accumulate, over protect and over spend. The same is the reason that those out of power over react, over cry and over fight with the hope that if they get to power, they too shall be well. This causes fierce political competition since in Kenya; economic prosperity is a matter of close affinity with control of political power. This situation has driven Kenya into unhealthy political competition; one that swings between madness and suicide with known extreme consequences such as the post-election violence of 2007-8 in which more than 1,000 people died.

A Nation on a False Base

Unfortunately, this is the fallacy upon which we have constructed a nation. So long leadership in Kenya is synonymous to the 'it is our turn to eat' and in as far as some sections of society feel they have never had that chance to eat, we have a problem. The rule of law is critical to rectifying this situation but a government led by the powerful insiders continue to set bad precedence. We have had situations where the Kenyan government has blatantly ignored court orders; for instance, the one on pay increment for teachers. If our government cannot obey court orders, it becomes hard for powerful individuals to obey them. In such a situation, courts therefore are turned to mere instruments for the unprotected outsiders who are poor Kenyans. Those outside power will keep holding a grievance, and will keep fighting with a hope of gaining power, not real to serve Kenyans but to shield themselves from the law as they indulge in the sin of greed. The key, in my view, lies in the management of the excesses of an overprotected inside and unprotected outside.

President Kenyatta Takes a Swipe on Western Envoys over Corruption in Kenya President Kenyatta Takes a Swipe on Western Envoys over Corruption in Kenya Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on December 22, 2015 Rating: 5

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