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Regional Politics

Well this is a real political bruising, all eyes to Tanzania as a country is set to hold one of the fiercest presidential election in Africa in just under a week. Whether or not CCM will stand the test time will tell. Meanwhile a lot has been happening regionally, President Museveni seems to have upped his game in brutalising the opposition and finding his way to making inroads among the youth by literally buying off celebrities from musicians to comedians, money never lies, it has always worked for Museveni. The good thing to have happened to Mr. Nkurunziza is that the world we live in moves on so fast, I actually found myself in 'I don't care mode' about his shameless clinging unto power, after all who cares? We better think about the "will of the people" in altering the constitution to make one Paul Kagame life president, but I am forced to want to imagine that everyone in Rwanda loves Kagame so much, after all so many of them are incapable of conceiving a Rwanda without a Kagame! As regards Kenya, surely we need prayers, unfortunately those going round are praying for Mr. Ruto and not for Kenya, unlike in Zambia where a man of God is seeking genuine divine intervention in the country's ailing economy in Kenya we pray for suspects of mass murder. With fresh fighting in CAR, political clamour to alter the constitution to accommodate Mr. Kabila's quest to cling to power in DRC and President Salva Kirr's signing of a deal that he clearly doesn't believe in one wonders whether this is worthwhile, maybe we need to go the Ethiopia and Rwanda way, I mean why pursue what our countries are not ready for anyway. But there is hope, let us keep it alive the African dream after all we boast of the fastest democratisation process, unlike Asian powers, African countries have had to juggle with developing and democratizing, of course with known exceptions whose tenability remains to be seen.
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