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The Cost of Arresting Raila Odinga for President Kenyatta and Kenya

If I were a political advisor to President Uhuru Kenyatta, there are two humans I would encourage him not to tamper with. He may tamper with many others but should not tamper with the two because the political price will be too high for him to afford. One is an insider, the other an outsider.

We recently had echoes of calls for the arrest of Raila Odinga, it was at best laughable but Uhuru’s supporters kept insisting that Raila ought to have been arrested. Well the reason is clear, they think by arresting Raila they will finish him and kill opposition in Kenya and rule forever, but it can't work, it won't work. Actually arresting Raila will be counterproductive with far reaching consequences both for government and the nation. But they are idiots who never seem to think an inch deeper. President Uhuru Kenyatta seems to have been told that it would be detrimental to arrest Raila Odinga. The EACC which, all of us know, receives directions from Statehouse backtracked on its earlier threat to arrest Raila Odinga. I think Raila was wishing, praying and hoping for the said arrest to be effected. In my view, it could have been Jubilee's single most important plunder.

But coming to my issue, President Uhuru must not, as a political necessity, tamper with two individuals; one an insider, the other an outsider. Actually even the idea, the thought and the contemplation of arresting Raila Odinga by this government is bad enough. The more reason the President must tell his brigades to stop this joke and madness. Peter Kenneth already warned the president; most importantly Koigi wa Wamwere told President Kenyatta what arresting Raila Odinga would look like. Many more have penned their opinion on this matter. Actually one pundit said that President Uhuru has already fitted in Moi's shoes and that by arresting Raila he will have completed his nyayo suit and effectively crowned his administration with Moism.

Surely not many Kenyans have forgotten where we have come from, at least Prof. PLO Lumumba, and Prof. Macharia Munene and many other scholars seem to have not. I haven't too. President Kenyatta must remember that he has the fist but he cannot use it like Moi without hurting himself and his government but most importantly without Kenya and Kenyans.

Arresting Raila simply means acting Moi, just how many times did Moi arrest Raila? Uhuru should be assisted to count. Raila Odinga was to emerge from the ashes of the Nyayo torture chambers and the darkest corners of Kamiti maximum prison to lead a movement that brought down Moi. But Uhuru seem not to be aware, or maybe he has forgotten. The more reason someone should remind the President about the history of Raila and Kenya. Surely Uhuru’s cannot be the regime to arrest Raila Odinga. It will be too expensive, too costly, too pricey, an extravagant venture by this government.

Going back to my issue; I still insist that there are two Kenyans that Uhuru must not tamper with; one an insider, the other an outsider. If either of them went to jail whatever the circumstances, President Uhuru Kenyatta will not govern a country called Kenya. These two are: William Samoe Ruto (an insider) and Raila Amolo Odinga (an outsider). How Uhuru manages the two determines his survival and success as president of Kenya. 

The Cost of Arresting Raila Odinga for President Kenyatta and Kenya The Cost of Arresting Raila Odinga for President Kenyatta and Kenya Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on December 22, 2015 Rating: 5

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