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The Killing of Muamar Gaddafi

When it comes to one Muamar Gaddafi just about everybody thinks anything about him. To some, he was nothing short of a hero, a Pan Africanist and true son of Africa. Yet to others he was nothing but a blood thirsty villain, murderous dictator. Whatever you choose to call him, one thing is clear, his country was illegitimately raided by foreign forces and Gaddafi was ‘illegitimately’ murdered, that is if at all there is any legitimacy in murdering humans. Anybody and everybody has his/her right to judge Gaddafi and condemn him as much as one may wish but here are some of the notorious facts about him. Good thing facts are notorious; he may have died but they never died with him.

The ideas of Gaddafi

  • Africa spends billions every year paying Europe for using satellite communication systems, in entertainment, security, business or just communications. Gaddafi wanted to get rid of that by paying and setting up satellite system for entire Africa for free, saving Africa billions of money that go to Europe annually for such services.
  • Africa is divided into 54 small countries, with different currencies and fragmented economies and unnecessary trade and movement barriers. This makes it hard for trade between African countries. Gaddafi wanted to create a mega pan African market to allow Africa face the rest of the world as one trading block with a huge bargaining power.
  • We have nasty business deals and trends totally and completely managed by western power houses. If you want to buy cocoa from Ivory Coast, you will have to change your money into US dollars (giving US 5-10% of your money), they will probably have to turn the dollars into euro, losing another 5-10% of your capital to Europe, then change your now acquired euro into Ivorian Franc, again losing another 5-10% of your money to the French treasury. If you started with about South African Rand 1,000, by the time you are purchasing cocoa in Ivory Coast, your money will be worth only Rands 650 to 700, the other Rand 300 will be in the hands of US and Europe for doing nothing but playing around with your own money in nasty exchange rates that are not at all necessary. Gaddafi wanted to get rid of this and replace it with DINAR (An African currency) for doing business in Africa without changing the value.
  •  Gaddafi’s government made sure all Libyan investment like OiLibya were all within Africa. 
  • Gaddafi nationalized oil in Libya, meaning, the government had control over the resources, sold it and used the money to provide services to the country. With nationalized resources, Libyans did not have to pay taxes, received free health care, free education, free housing for the poor and subsidies on things like food etc.
  • Libya under Gaddafi was one of the debt free countries in the world. Libya had more money than its population could use and had billions in reserves away around the world. Gaddafi wanted Africa free of debt which is the tool for modern day slavery.
  • During Gaddafi’s lifetime, AU functions were funded by Libya, accommodation for leaders, transportations, and day to day activities at the AU headquarters, now that is being done by European Union. And as the saying goes ‘he who pays the piper calls the tune.’ 
  • These are some of the things that Gaddafi wanted and stood for only for us to watch him humiliated and killed like an animal without us raising a voice. Gaddafi spent millions and millions helping Mali and Niger with high level irrigation in the deserts so people can be self-sustained.
  • Way before the BRICS came up with idea of forming their own development bank to rival World Bank and IMF, Gaddafi already initiated high level talks into starting an African Development Bank where African governments would go and borrow money at low rates to speed up development across the continent. This would have saved Africa from IMF and their predatory lending habits of structural adjustment programs which are notorious in locking African and other poor countries in poverty while they take ownership of their natural resources. 
The killing of Gaddafi and its implication

Led by France and the US with a UN backing, Gaddafi was to be labeled whatever it was and his country invaded and the self-proclaimed King of Africa was murdered in a very humiliating manner. African leaders including the beneficiaries of Gaddafi’s thoughts and projects conspicuously kept quiet as the west rose against Gaddafi. Today almost all the people that NATO helped from Benghazi to attack Gaddafi are all now confirmed members of ISIS creating havoc across the globe. It is upon us to judge if the killing of Gaddafi was justifiable and measure its consequence with a destroyed Libya, a failing state, one that even those who killed Gaddafi seem not to know exactly what to do with and how to restore it.

What lesson do we draw from the killing of Gaddafi?

Any other person would want to understand just why the people of Libya never rose to defend Gaddafi. Just why did they leave him to be killed in their midst even with all the good things that he did for them? That is as puzzling as it gets. Here is my thought. Gaddafi was a good ruler, he meant well for his people and for Africa as a whole BUT, like many other African leaders, he failed on one thing, and miserably so, POLITICAL INCLUSIVITY. Without political inclusivity of the people you govern, however noble your ideas may be, to sustain your dreams can be nightmarish and quite elusive. 

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