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President Kenyatta Signs the CDF Bill into Law

By signing the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) bill, President Uhuru Kenyatta allowed the continuation of CDF. He obviously gained praise from members of parliament and other moles from both government and the opposition but truth be told it was a wrong thing to do. CDF was Kibaki’s attempt at devolving funds but with current devolution in place CDF does not make any rationally knowable sense other than a perpetuation of the creation of another opportunity to continue looting and wastage of public funds by those in power.

I know for sure that my view is a minority since it will be disputed by MPs from both the government and opposition sides but that is what they are known for; when it comes to stealing and plundering the resources of our country they are the same villains and economic bandits. The constitution of Kenya is very clear to me, the roles of the members of parliament are; to legislate, represent, and oversight not ‘develop.’ Let county governments receive money for development of counties, which is what is at the heart of devolution and our constitution. It was therefore wrong by parliament to enact such a law and wrong for the president to assent to it. President Uhuru Kenyatta appears to be too afraid to do some right things or do some things rightly. I wonder when he will be courageous enough to start doing things that are constitutionally and not politically correct.

President Kenyatta Signs the CDF Bill into Law President Kenyatta Signs the CDF Bill into Law Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on December 22, 2015 Rating: 5

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