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Criminality the Reason for Life Presidents in Africa

Why do they Want to Stay in Power Forever?

Of African Leaders and why most of them wish to remain in power until death do them parts, I guess the reasons are knowable. I mean how else do you approach life if and when you know the consequences? There is only one way, only one that is reasonable. You embrace realism. Yes, if need be you become as realist as, or more realistic than the Realists. If and when you leave power, your immunity fades off, who doesn't want to be immune? Immune from danger, harm, destruction, pain an sorrow? When they are in power they certainly enjoy immunity. I mean look at President Omar Hassan El Bashir, he has been on the run for as long as we can recall, he is happy, I mean with immunity even African powerhouses like Nigeria and South Africa has failed to lay their fingers on him. He has visited both the countries and left unarmed despite global outcry. He surely knows that he must be in power for his survival otherwise the ICC will catch up with him for committing a genocide in Darfur. 

Many are Criminals

Most of the African leaders who are clinging to power are actually criminals but we love calling them persons who have committed crimes. We rarely want to call them criminals because there are things that look awkward when put on the same sentence (leader and criminal). It becomes so difficult to reconcile our leadership with criminality, to agree that most of our presidents are actually criminals. And they have criminalised politics and the economies of their countries and polluted our continent with criminality. We are not any better today than we were when colonizers loved to hate us for our leaders as as criminal as the colonizers; they hate us too. They kill, main and rape their own people, they torch their homes and displace them, they pillage the property of the very people whose property they exist to protect. They kill us, they rape us, they wound us. They are criminals. And they know that. That is the single reason they never want to leave power. If they do, they will answer for their criminality. 

Hissene Habre

They surely know just as I do that if Hissene Habre, former Chadian strongman, is today answering for the crimes he committed in his country during his presidency (criminality), decades ago, they too must follow a similar path if and when they quit power. They have lessons to learn; they will never want to quit power. It is more costly for them to quit. They better stay put, they are safe that way, they will survive that way, they will continue enjoying that way. If they die in power, it is a wow for indeed nothing can be better. Still someone wants to know why some people want to die in power?
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