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I can Only Accept - Paul Kagame

I  can Only Accept - Paul Kagame

Well 2016 is yet another year and as many other years do, it came with its surprises such as the birth of new babies. In Rwanda there was one more 'surprise' so they say but for me it was not surprising at all since I saw it come. I saw President Paul Kagame cleverly cultivate and lay the bed for his possible third term. But again I saw him prepare the ground for life presidency. I therefore think and will say it without any fear of contradiction, that of Kagame and Rwanda it is not all about a third term, it is all about him ruling until he is tired or God forbid, dead. But this is not strange. I wonder why it is even news. I mean we have seen many life presidents, why should that of Kagame worry anyone anyway? Recently one Zimbabwean, a good citizen, held that they love President Robert Mugabe so much and that they will have him rule from a wheel chair. I do not want to look at her relationship with the President, I simply described her as a Zimbabwean and good citizen. 

I mean just few weeks ago we saw the "people' of the Republic of Congo vote in a referendum to remove both age limits and presidential terms to allow their beloved President one Dennis Sassou Ngweso to go for yet another term. Uganda's Museveni simply calls such "another rap" after all, he asked for it some time back, but I hear he needs one more, may be two or three more. Honestly there is nothing wrong with the president wanting another rap even in life situations we want more of nice things or do we not? Talking about wanting more, President Mugabe often asks why the Queen of England has not stepped down. But yes this is our world. It can get a little nasty folks.

Long time ago somebody told me that power corrupts and that absolute power corrupts absolutes. Now that I have grown some intellectual balls, I refute that. Actually power never corrupts anyone. What really corrupts is fear not power. Fear corrupts and absolute fear corrupts absolutely. Also fear is terrible if and when it is absolute. Those in power who appear to be corrupted may not be necessarily corrupted by the same power but rather by the fear of losing that power. And fear can get a little complicated if and when it has to do with the unknown. And how do we expect our dear presidents to quit power when they do not actually know what will happen to them when they are out of power? I thought I should ask. Interestingly I never demand answers from anyone for sometimes I manufacture them myself. 

Talking about fear, I think President Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi might not be needing to be in power; the God fearing man of God. Yes you had it right, the God fearing man of God might not be needing to extend his presidency even for another second. After all the President is a born again Christian, part time soldier and pedestrian footballer. Who cheated who that the President could miss what to do with his worthy life if he left the presidency?

Talking about presidents having things to do I have remembered Paul Kagame. I agree with President Kagame and I do not doubt he has quite a lot to do, after all being president is not enjoyable, it is not the one thing that you will want to do forever. Those are not my words. No, those are words of his Excellency Paul Kagame, the true son of Rwanda - Omunyarwanda. Being president is not something that I want so badly that I will do anything to remain, so he said. I think I am persuaded to believe him. The President seems sincere to me, even the manner in which he says this looks humble. He is humble enough only that he ones was a soldier too; few soldiers are humble enough so they say and when they appear to be, it could be a camouflage to mount an offensive. I am forced to take cover.

But again Kagame has been president for 13 year, just 13 years, only 13 years. Within those 13 years he has been able to lift his country from the ashes of a genocide and the abyss of  destruction and death to the glory that Rwanda is basking on today. So where do we want him to go? And who wants him to go anyway? At least, not the "people" of Rwanda, they are good citizens just like those of Zimbabwe and those from the Congo. The people are not bad and their numbers do not lie. If they say they love their President so much so that they want him to continue leading them, who am I to think otherwise? Unless I want to be an enemy of Abanyarwanda which I do not want, I will respect their choices, after all they have beautiful women and I am yet to marry. I just have to behave well. 

At 98% in a hasty referendum the people of Rwanda voted to allow Kagame to go for what Museveni would call another rap of 7 years but then again at his will President Kagame can also go for further 5 year two terms. Oh did I say hasty, pardon me, President Kagame recently said he honestly does not understand what haste means. In simple terms Abanyarwanda have decided that President Kagame can rule for some more 17 years. He can rule up to 2034! This happened, not without throngs of delegations of the people or Rwanda calling on their beloved President to accept their humble plea and "rule them in as far as he can" according to a statement from one of them.

In his new year address to the nation President Kagame was very clear. "I can only accept" so the son of Rwanda said. Again I do not seem to have any issue with that. The President was just accepting his people's request. I mean he had choices and he chose. What I have a slight problem with though is his choice of words. "I can only accept." I think that was not the only option. For sure the President was not being honest and it is written for those that you cannot trust even on small things... Kagame could as well say no thank you to his people. But wait a minute, how on earth do you say no to your own people? That could be terribly wrong, I mean, how can a leader say something like that to his people? In Africa only witches refuse offers, he is not a witch. Let us pardon him, he is only a victim of circumstances. The President became too good for his people to let him go. A story is told in the Bible that the people once conspired to arrest Jesus  and make him a King but he slipped between them and went away. How on earth did we expect Kagame to slip away when he is only human? 

I do not want to talk so much about President Paul Kagame, he is now a presidential candidate, a new year gift to Rwanda I guess. I am only wondering how the people forgot to amend the constitution to have elections come early so that they can already have their beloved President go for the third term already. But time flies, I wish the people of Rwanda well as they move towards 2017 and all the way to 2034. I also hope I will not live to hear them cry that some old cry resounding across Africa. A cry of those who came and refused to leave. 

When I do a genuine assessment of the situation I get so tempted to conclude that there is not much difference between Paul Kagame and Pierre Nkurunziza. I do not want to talk about Robert Mugabe, Yoweri Museveni and their brothers. Both Kagame and Nkurunziza have something in common. THEY MUST RULE no matter what. So Nkurunziza went for a third term that has caused a crisis that has led to the death of hundreds of people and displacement of hundreds of thousands. Kagame is apparently smiling his way to the third and even fourth and fifth term. He is only a clever politician, way intelligent than his Burundian soccer maniac. Unlike Burundi, we have been meant to believe that in Rwanda it is the people who have called on their President, persuaded, and pleaded with him to continue leading them. In Burundi, the President imposed himself. Whichever case, both gentlemen are going for the third term and even more and both seem to like it. Good ride. 

President Kagame could as well have said no thank you. He cannot claim to have had only one option; that of accepting. Nevertheless, he has now accepted and Rwanda is jubilant; the people are happy indeed. By accepting, somehow President Kagame has sought to tell those who have ears to hear that no other Rwandan is fit to lead that country, he is thee only one who can lead. There is a danger in tying a country's history and destiny around an individual. Kagame and Rwandans have chosen to do so, I believe they are doing it at a great risk but I honestly wish Kagame and Abanyarwanda all the best. 

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