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KDF Killed by Al Shabaab in Somalia: But Where is President Uhuru Kenyatta ?

The Death of KDF Soldiers in Somalia

The country is mourning; Kenya in tears. We are mourning the fallen gallant soldiers. We lost true sons of Kenya, people who have served their countries to the last drop of their blood. They have gone, we salute them for they remained true to their nation. Their blood is poured as libation for the peace and security of our motherland and that of our neighbours. There blood is not in vain; it must not be in vain. It is so pricey; what they died fighting for must be upheld by all people of good will. PEACE AND SECURITY.  

Politics of Bad Manners in Kenya's Coast

News of the death of our dear soldiers in the battle field came in at a time we were busy louighing at the political drama in the coatal city of Mombasa, at least the one beating Mombasa Governor Ali Joho and the Nairobi Senator Gideon Mbuvi alias Mike Sonko. I have not since made any effort to understand why the two were doing that. Partly because it was shameful to see "our leaders" do silly things in the presence of the head of State. My professor used to call such as those "bad manners." In that school, I conclude therefore that they were simply doing that bad manners of their. I forgive them, since if I do not I risk dying young since they often do such. At least here in Kenya, but even around the corner too. But yes. We were being treated to such. Yes to the politics of bad manners in the Coast of Kenya, something went wrong; really wrong. Our soldiers were killed; they were murdered by those bloody enemies of humanity in the name of Al Shabaab. It was that bad. According to 'rumours' we might have lost over 80 KDF soldiers. Yes these are mere rumours since we do not have any official communication as regards the actual number of soldiers that we lost in this latest most deadly assault by Al Shabaab. Surely this must never be left to happen again. It can be stopped, we must stop it. Let us spare no effort and resources to prevent such as this from ever happening again. It is too painful. 

But Where is the President?

The least I expected was that President Uhuru Kenyatta could cancel his coastal tour immediately we had a tragedy in Somalia and return to the Capital not only to lead the nation in mourning the fallen KDF soldiers but also to personally ensure that all arrangements and programmes of getting back both the injured and the departed soldiers go well. But am shoked the President went on with his tour! As at now, the government is not handling this matter well; many people are still in the dark in regard to their loved ones (soldiers) who were serving in Somalia. We are simply doing badly in getting the right information in the right manner and sharing it with relevant consumers effectively and timely. The President must wake up to the reality that he is the head of state and commander in chief. I am sure he appears to be totally missing in this. I feel I need my president; we need to be hearing from him on this matter. This the moment that the president's position as a symbol of national unity must come out clearly and strongly. Like many citizens, I too feel let down. 
KDF Killed by Al Shabaab in Somalia: But Where is President Uhuru Kenyatta ? KDF Killed by Al Shabaab in Somalia: But Where is President Uhuru Kenyatta ? Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on January 18, 2016 Rating: 5

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