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Political Developments in Kenya Under the Uhuru and Ruto Presidency

Kenya Under Uhuru and Ruto

One time my Prof. decided to argue that it was clear to him that with the election of Uhuru and Ruto as President and Deputy President for Kenya, with the failure of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) to deliver credible elections, and with the supreme court's ruling which followed a wrong legal precedence, it will be illogical to make any such conclusion that democratization process and institutional reforms are still going on in Kenya. According to his thinking therefore Uhuruto’s election marked the official end of democratization process in Kenya. In a similar tone another Prof. argued that if Kenyans are expecting this country to be better five years down the line let them reconsider their view. Reading Makau Mutua, I realized the democratic decay in this country and listening to Haron Ndubi then I realized that the struggle for judicial reforms has been thrown to the dogs! And who am I to refute the arguments of experts. I only stood at a safe distance and watched Kenya under Uhuru and Ruto for about three years and the country has been moving from strength to strength in terms of democratic mutilation, corruption and institution decay. Even to the extent of threatening to arrest the opposition leader! Well that was the all time low since Moi’s kleptopcracy.

We the People of Kenya

A South African friend recently told me that he believes Kenyans were created on the 8th day, we laughed over it but later I thought about it and wondered if it could be the case. But many things happen. That could just be one of them. The way Kenyans think and act seems to confirm my friend's assertion! Just how do our politicians think? Do they think anyway? A new year resolution by a section of them is to return Kenya into a de fact one party system yet to others it is their business this “save suspects from the ICC.” Mmh thought the agenda would be to better the lives of the people of Kenya but I was terribly wrong.

In Kenya sometimes we argue over and even oppose notorious facts if and when they do not fevour us especially when it concerns ‘our own.’ It is complex to define ‘our own’ in Kenya but even when they are thieves of public resources, they are ‘good thieves’ of they are ‘our thieves.’ It is a sense of belonging at its best. Bettter known to us and can better be told by us. There are people who believe’ or are ‘jubilated’ so much so that they can never ever see any single mistake in President Kenyatta’s government simply  because he is their son and there are those who never see anything good in this government because he is not one of ‘their own.’

Address the Historical Injustices

Unless and until the historical injustices of this country are addressed, Kenya will be operating on ideals and the reality will always be haunting natives. We should be thankful that Uhuru and Ruto (formerly causing death and destruction to their opposing communities) came together for convenience and seized power in 2013. Since then they have been talking a lot about unity and preaching reconciliation but perhaps in a wrong way. Action in that direction too remains almost non-existent. But they talk fairly well. Unfortunately unity and reconciliation are far much deeper realities way beyond empty talk. Since they talk a lot and do little or nothing, we have not made any known strides in the direction of Kenya’s much needed reconciliation and national cohesion.

My unsolicited advice to our leadership is that they must appreciate that reconciliation is normally the last tool in the tool kit of conflict resolution and/or transformation. It is absurd to talk about reconciliation, before, the truth is told, before justice is established, before apology is given, before forgiveness is sought and granted, before mutual resolve to alter relations has been reached.

What our leaders are doing is simply called a top-down approach which is a pure attempt to push down reconciliation on their warring communities. This up-down methodology will surely fail.  I do not know when but they can rest assured that some day whether in this generation or the other Kenya will explode again if and unless we tackle real issues that affect this country and we tackle them comprehensively. Not in political rallies and state of the nation addresses but through known structures and mechanism that involve the people of Kenya, especially those worst affected at every stage and level. It is absurd for us to pretend that nothing is happening and that Kenya is at peace and that let us move on. There shall come such a time when the proverbial donkey will be too tired to move on.

On the ICC

In regard to the ICC, I genuinely hope that our two brothers remaining over there will cooperate with the court because if they do not then their guess is as good as mine only that I will not be crying as them. Again for believers, we should pray hard that the ICC cases, especially that of Deputy President William Ruto dismissed just as that of President Uhuru Kenyatta was. Woe unto the nations of Kenya if Mr. Ruto gets convicted since that will certainly mark the fall-out of the big two. Such a fall-out will have far reaching implications which no Kenyan will ever want to imagine leave alone experience. The tyranny of numbers will be so bitter and sour a reality to be swallowed and the consequences will leave a lasting scar in post independent Kenya.

What Museveni Wants with Kenya?

President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda has been so enthusiastic about Kenya of late. I wonder if it is about Kenya anyway. After all only few Kenyans may ever understand why. Of course the world system is anarchic and each state is interested in its own national interest. Kenya is and should be the regional power but Uganda can never be happy to have Kenya as a power because Museveni is a power monger who wants to be the regional head. He certainly became so happy when Uhuru and Ruto came to power with the hope that their cases may help throw Kenya into a pariah state for him to ride on.  He certainly expected a slowdown of Kenya that meant a chance for the rise of Uganda. Unfortunately things might not have worked his way and he is slowing down, we could have seen him last Jamhuri but he is busy with the campaign. He helped broker a deal between Ruto and Kenyatta, they must return it and so our government has been returning a lot, sometimes painfully so, for instance, the sugar deal but more tragically the Migingo Island which we seem to have left for Uganda. Also we must not forget that Museveni is totally and completely uncomfortable with Raila Odinga, he certainly cannot stand him as president and so he is a happy man. 
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