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Promises of the Coup in Nigeria

Plotters of the Coup 

On 15 January 1966, a group of young, idealistic, UK-trained army majors overthrew Nigeria's democratic government in a violent military coup. The coup leaders described it as a brief and temporary revolution to end corruption and ethnic rivalry. Instead, it made them worse.

Consequence of the Coup

The coup exposed the vulnerability of the Nigerian state, and how simple it was to use soldiers to attack the government, rather than protect it. A succession of increasingly repressive military governments ruled Nigeria for 29 of the next 33 years, until the restoration of of democracy in 1999. 

Current Troubles 

With current secessionist ideology in Biafra, raging militarism and terrorism, false class-hoods and massive corruption one is left to wonder whether Nigeria has learned any known lessons! But do we in this part of the world really ever learn to learn?
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