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Sorry, the Killing of KDF by Al Shabaab in Somalia was not Cowardly

Silly Debate 

The killing of 'unknown number' of the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) soldiers serving under AMISOM  in Somalia by Al Shabaab has again ignited the debate on whether or not KDF should withdraw from Somalia. Now we have people taking two sides. On the one hand are those saying KDF should remain in Somalia and on the other are those holding the opposite view. Again largely along political divides which unfortunately boils down to our perennial Kenyan polarization and fragmentation. I think it is a silly debate. We are simply playing to the hands of the enemy for that indeed is the aim of Al Shabaab - to divide Kenyans. 

KDF shall withdraw anyway 

In my view, whereas it is unknown by now, it remains clear to me that at a certain point X KDF will have to leave Somalia anyway. Whether or not they will have accomplished their objectives. I am not at the position to tell what their objectives are at the moment since I actually do not even quite understand what exactly the KDF objectives in Somalia are. I guess we have competent authorities on this matter. I leave this them 

No Military Solution to Somalia 

What I know for a fact, as a Conflict Analyst, is that there cannot be a military solution to the Somalia problem. I also know that, to a large extent, the solution for Somalia is to be found within the borders of Somalia, outsiders and goo neighbours like Kenya can only facilitate the process that can help Somalia to give birth to peace and stability in its territory. 

Sorry but it wasn't a Cowardly Attack

And before I forget, I am sure I hate the usage of 'cowardly' as an adjective to describe what the Al Shabaab did to the KDF in Somalia last Friday. Over-running a military base can never be a cowardly act; it must never be termed as such. It is not equivalent to what they did in Garissa where they murdered innocent students or what they have done on attacking an Hotel in Mogadishu and many of those other cowardly attacks. At El Adde, the situation was different. Al Shabaab killed soldiers in a battlefield. The soldiers are fully aware that they are in Somalia to fight Al Shabaab and that Al Shabaab can strike any time and that its attack can be lethal. I think the top military brass know that when the mourning ends, KDF will have a lot of house cleaning to do. Something somewhere must have gone wrong; it must be fixed for we cannot afford another loss as this. 
Sorry, the Killing of KDF by Al Shabaab in Somalia was not Cowardly Sorry, the Killing of KDF by Al Shabaab in Somalia was not Cowardly Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on January 22, 2016 Rating: 5

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