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Tanzania to Deport "Unregistered Foreigners"

Xenophobia in Tanzania?

It is not surprising at all to me, after all, Tanzania has always not been as friendly to foreigners as often perceived by many. I think I believe that there is some xenophobic ideology deeply embedded in Tanzania's nationalism. They were taught to be very good Tanzanians but not necessarily good Africans and world citizens. Unlike South Africa where xenophobia is often expressed in violence based on hatred of foreigners, in Tanzania it is perhaps expressed in soft disapproval based on fear. Whichever the case, it all the same still remains xenophobia. I said it way back in 2012 and some good friends lashed at me but slowly they are starting to understand what I meant then.

What Will Magufuli Do?

Meanwhile the bulldozer may be turning on "unregistered foreigners." Whoever they are. But they are said to be taking jobs and locking locals out. Something so very similar to the South African narrative. But one that unfortunately many people look at differently. I have never quite understood why but I attempted to think as I thought. Tanzania actually makes "unregistered foreigners"; They are a creation of the state. I can testify that getting a residence permit, leave alone the work permit, in Tanzania is a very stressful and frustrating process. I know because I went through that nasty process. It is just crazy. And so many people give up along the way and others never even wish to attempt. That being the case, government renders many "unregistered foreigners" and now the same government is turning against their wilful creation. Interesting. The government will certainly net so many "unregistered foreigners" in there. My hope is that the administration will handle the said "unregistered foreigners" but then but...
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