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The African Union Adopts Kenyan Proposals on the International Criminal Court

I Agree with Mugabe's Take on the UN 

Sometimes it is interesting what African heads of State and Government often sit and discuss. But I agree with Mugabe on a number of issues especially the one on reforming the UN. President Mugabe talked well, he said a lot of good things. It doesn't mean he has become my hero since I have reasonable reasons to question many things he stands for especially on the HOW bit. But yes, the world needs to know many things that he said. We must accept that Africans are people too. I couldn't put it better. 

The AU Massive Withdraw from the Rome Statute

The Kenyan agenda on ICC that was adopted today is obviously misplaced, it is a total misuse of the AU. It is wrong for the African heads of state and government to be misguided by Kenya. Ruto and Sang are 2 individual Kenyans. The cases facing them at the Hague are personal challenges in President Kenyatta's 2013 words. The hearty efforts by the Jubilee administration to save Ruto from the jaws of the ICC is selfish, tunnel visioned and politically correct but not necessarily what "Kenyans" want as the President seemed to insist. It is a typical example of what happens when political expediency overtakes demands for justice and the need for peace. I know of the existence of millions of Kenyans who wish to see Ruto's case proceed to its conclusion so that he is either convicted or acquitted. Ruto himself has maintained he is innocent. Innocent people should never be afraid of legal process since indeed they should use that space to demonstrate their innocence and be vindicated. Again even if we were to assume all Kenyans wanted Ruto's case terminated how does that make it an African issue and urgent for that matter. 

Africanisation of Personal Challenges 

I think it is more urgent for Africa to end the existing conflicts, prevent emerging ones, address poverty, ignorance, disease, cross border organised crimes etc. I am sure millions of ordinary citizens of Algeria or Sahrawi know nothing about Ruto. Sitting in the Africa's capital, Addis Ababa and insisting that the Kenyan (actually Ruto) issue is an African issue is too extravagant in my opinion. How on earth the Ruto issue becomes an African issue - hell know but yes that is how the world operates. Now I think my friend understands what power means. He recently told me that he wondered why people fight for power. Now I tell him that Africa can discuss Ruto but not Dominic Ongwen but their charge sheets at the Hague resemble in many ways. The difference between the two is that Ruto is at the centre of power and Ongwen is nowhere near power.

Watching the Space 

I am looking forward to how the road map on the massive withdrawal by African states from the Rome Statue will look like. I will keenly observe how Uganda will juggle with the need to have Ongwen's trial proceed at the Hague while at once supporting the Kenya-led en masse withdrawal. 
The African Union Adopts Kenyan Proposals on the International Criminal Court The African Union Adopts Kenyan Proposals on the International Criminal Court Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on January 31, 2016 Rating: 5

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