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The Brighter Side of President Uhuru Kenyatta

President Kenyatta remains the second most criticised Kenyan president after Moi. It is because he has failed in many ways. Some people have termed him a dictator argued that if it were of the current progressive constitution he would rule the country with an iron fist. I do not mean to say I have said that. That is what some people say. I think a disclaimer is only necessary at this time when we are seeing bloggers in the dock. But the President has not only excelled in doing negative things such as failing to call on his guys in Treasury to account for the Euro-bond; he has done some good things too. I cannot get justier

There are some things that President Uhuru Kenyatta has excelled. He might have failed to deal with corruption but this president has done a lot in changing the face of the presidency in Kenya. For instance we have seen the President stay in the coast for a whole month (never mind the reasons). It was a great gesture. I wish he can do the same for instance by relocating to Statehouse Kisumu, Nakuru etc for a while. This helps bring the presidency closer to the people and somehow create a sense of decentralisation of power, which remains one of the things that Kenyans have yearned for. I look forward to see the President camp in Kisumu for another month or so, Nakuru, Sagana, Kakamega and even Wajir and other marginalised places. 

But also there was something impressive last week. The President of Nigeria flew in direct from Abuja to Eldoret and was received by President Kenyatta in the Rift Valley. This is the first time a head of state on state visit has landed outside Nairobi. That gesture helped in many ways; one of them is boosting the status of Eldoret International Airport. 

Furthermore President Kenyatta has done very well in strategically positioning Kenya globally. In a very ingenious way Kenyatta and his government has used the ICC issue to successfully penetrate the international diplomatic space. The Kenyan agenda has prominently featured internationally significantly boosting the global visibility of Kenya. 
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