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The British House of Commons Debate the Ban of Donald Trump

Trump Ban Debate 

I find it extremely interesting that the British House of Commons is discussing the Donald Trump ban. Actually some Members named Trump many names - carouse, some termed him. I have no problem with Mr. Trump, neither do I have any issue with anyone discussing him or talking about him, after all, he is not only a public figure but also a global personality. Come on, this guy wants to lead the US. I am sure I know something about the position of  the US in the world. I think it is in order that the Britons are discussing whether Trump is a man they want to welcome or one that they need to effectively and possibly hurriedly so declare persona non grata. It is their choice, whatever they choose, after all, even if I had an opinion about this matter, it won't matter. 

The Problem with Donald Trump

And what is the problem with Trump? Well I do not know whether or not it is a problem or even whether he the man Trump himself is the problem. It all depends where you view this from and how you want to view it anyway. What I know is that at some point late last year Donald Trump gave a suggestion in regards to the "problem of Islam." The most important question is why he sees Islam as a problem, after all, if it wasn't why should the 'future president' think of banning Muslims from entering the US? I might never know that anyway. But the problem with Trump is terrorism or is it Islam? Now that confuses me more! Mr. Trump may need to be clearer on this. Is his problem Islam, Muslims, terrorism, Terrorists immigration or Immigrants? I mean I do not know.

The Real Issue 

I have no problem with the manner in which Mr. Trump thinks and talks about Islam and Muslims; immigration and Immigrants or terrorism and Terrorists. I have an understanding that Terrorists are criminals and that terrorism is an ideology hiding behind religion to further a distorted conviction with an intention to alter the world order. They use religion because religion is soft enough, it appeals to emotions, it touches the consciousness. Strictly speaking there is nothing Islamic about terrorism. The end mission of terrorism is simple and straightforward; to create a world rift and clear fault-line based on region. Position Christianity against Islam (two major world religions) and cause a world war purely along religious lines and that the winning religion will establish a  'new world order' based on the ideology of the 'winner.' Period. 

In furthering this object Terrorists have mastered human thoughts and they appeal to the human psych by causing extreme fear and panic aimed at driving people to make irrational choices. That is terrorism. Mr. Donald Trump is therefore, in my view, a victim of terrorism; a perfect one for that matter. He is doing exactly what Terrorists want done. He has succumbed to terrorism. He is a clear measurement of achievement of terrorism. 

Trump is Not Alone

Actually I am not worried  about Trump. My real worry is that Mr. Donald Trump is not a lone; he is a representation of many a people. We have millions of people in the US and beyond who think like Donald Trump only that they haven't voiced their views. Trump represents a constituency. The House of Commons should not therefore, in my view, be debating Trump and whether or not he should step in the UK. There is a bigger picture. The UK and indeed everybody concerned should look at that bigger picture.

Counter Terrorism

As I said earlier terrorism is an ideology. Ideologies are never fought through erection of walls and creation of boundaries as Trump seems to think and suggest. Ideologies must be fought through counter narratives. What the world needs is to create and popularize a counter ideology to that which is being sold and perpetuated by Terrorists. The earlier we do it the better for humanity. 

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