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The Call to Unite Kenyans Under the Jubilee Party

Party Politics in Kenya 

Humans of Kenya seem to have failed to comprehend a concept as simple as party politics as partisan politics and that by its nature politics must be divisive. I therefore do not understand this new call for uniting everybody in some new found party in the name of Jubilee party. But again differences in partisan politics do not and must not translate to hatred, enmity, ethnicity etc. The Kenyan problem surely lies elsewhere, not in some sort of unison in political partism. 

What We Need to Do

Actually we need not look way to far for the solution to our troubles as a country. May be, the one prescribed by Kuresoi South MP Zakayo Cheruiyot who told President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy, William Ruto, that the newly formed Jubilee Party is not a panacea to end tribalism. He instead called on Government to ensure equal distribution of resources and public service jobs. Well, can we simply look in that direction and stop this hullabaloos on forming and deforming so called unifying political parties. Methinks we simply need to carry out massive civic education and decorrupt our education for healthy partisan politics to thrive in the country. We can then have as many political partisan parties as we wish. After role each Kenyan is entitled to belong to a political party of their choice, and when they fail to find those of their choices in the market, they can form others. 

The Journey to Multi-Party Democracy 

Kenya is a multi-party democracy, the cost of returning this country to where some individuals are telling us may not be affordable. It is more dangerous to backtrack on Kenya's democratisation process than forging ahead. Multi-party democracy came with a high cost. I invite us to ask the Kibakis and the Matibas and the Orengos and the Shikukus and the Rubias and the Odingas and the Njoyas of this country for narratives for those who have been born recently and haven't bothered to learn the history of state formation in Kenya. The country need not sacrifice this democratic freedom on the altar of few known individuals' selfish quest for regime survival. 

The Political Price

Meanwhile the calls to form this so called Jubilee Party seem to be getting vigorous challenges from the perceived strongholds of Uhuru and Ruto. For instance Governor Isaac Ruto of Bomet County says he will form his party and he will not be forced to join a party whose agenda he knows not. Similar sentiments were echoed by the Chair of the Council of Governors and Meru County Governor Peter Munya who argued that the agenda of the Jubilee party is narrow and tunnel visioned on William Ruto's 2022 presidential ambition. It will be interesting to see how Uhuruto will craft unity through a political party. I wish them well. 

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