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The Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) Killed by Al Shabaab in Somali

A Tribute to the Fallen Soldiers 

Perhaps I know just few ways to weep or may be I just know none. If I knew how to scream I would scream, if I knew how to shed tears I would shed them, if I knew how to throw myself down and roll I would do just that. Now I have not done any of those. The more reason I say may be, just may be, I just do not know how to weep. Yes I need to know how to weep so that I can weep as a way of mourning our fallen gallant soldiers in Somalia. In the wee hours of the night when those who can sleep were sleeping, when raverers were busy shaking their bodies and irrigating their throats, lovers enjoying the warmth of their loved ones and others may be, just may be, busy making babies, they were dying in their numbers in El-Adde, Somalia. Our soldiers were being murdered, their bodies shattered and mutilated and mocked. And I hope one Ngugi Wa Thion'go is not going to tell me that, yes, that 'old  story' the one of 'weep not child.' Surely I must weep, I must mourn for how can I not, why should I not. 

Lost Lives 

I do not quite know how many of the sons of Kenya, true citizens of the world  perished in the early morning raid by the enemies of humanity - the Al Shabaab. Do I really wish to know the number, may be yes, may be  not. Why? But Why? That is the question that lingers in my mind. I am not sure how many they are that perished but yes I know for sure that beneath whatever number is flagged are sons of Kenya. Think about it this way. A son, a father, a husband, a  brother has been killed, murdered, his body mutilated, charred and paraded in some thickets in rural Somalia! I mean how more painful can it be! What else can we do to get them back? Nothing. They have gone. They are lost lives, lost, yes, lost...we can only sing their praises, #standwiththem but then, but...we cannot recover our sons, they are gone forever, most of them in their 20s and 30s. Young lives lost. Yes lost lives BUT lost with a CAUSE. 

Al Shabaab

For the Al Shabaab, I am tempted to say thank you. Yes, thank you for making us weep, thank you for killing our sons, thank you for inflicting pain on the conscious of the nation and the world, thank you for this is what you have always wanted, thank you for you fight to go to hell. Thank you for inflaming anger in us, thank you for showing us once again that you are enemies of humanity, thank you for being the brutes you are, thank you for the perfection of savagery. 

The government of Kenya, AMISOM and the international community must say enough is enough to Al Shaabab. For how long are we going to loose innocent lives? We must come together, we must discover ways and pragmatic strategies to end this menace. Our war must be that of minds and hearts; we need to use a weapon that no man can destroy, one that no criminal can conquer. We need a constructive resolve to end this problem. 

And for the fallen gallant soldiers, may they rest in peace. Soldiers never die, they fade off, may their poured blood be a libation for the peace of our motherland. 


The Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) Killed by Al Shabaab in Somali The Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) Killed by Al Shabaab in Somali Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on January 16, 2016 Rating: 5

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