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The Murder of Patrice Lumumba and Messing of the Congo

The Murder of Patrice Lumumba

When Congo first declared its independence from Belgium in 1960, for example, a coalition of Belgian mining conglomerates, American shareholders, and the CIA conspired with ambitious local actors to carve off the mineral-rich portions of the Congo from the rest of the country. The Katanga region only seceded because Congo’s first president, Patrice Lumumba, threatened to nationalize the mines. It was inevitable that a man had to die to clear the way for the well known agenda. The more reason we lost yet another son of Africa, a true one and a to be true liberator of Congo. Certainly the narrative could be different today, perhaps dear Congo could not live to see the spill of the blood of over 6 million of the its sons and daughters. They killed him anyway.

Killing Again and Again!

Eisenhower gave the order to kill Lumumba, the CIA transmitted that order, and Lumumba was killed. Belgium sent troops to assist the secessionists, and the UN stood by. Only once when Lumumba had been killed by firing squad and buried (then dug up, chopped to pieces, dissolved in acid, and burned). This is what I now call killing again and again until you can kill no more. Somebody must have wanted Lumumba dead, really ‘badly dead.’ And so we now have a Congo rebranded Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) without Lumumba and guess some people are really happy and enjoying the loot.

Mobutu Sese Seko

I always thought it was a joke that Mobutu exited, some wishful thinking, some narratives of legendary figures. You know those imagery creatures we so loved to dread when we were growing up. But Lo, I am very wrong; he was their man, the man of the moment. Following the foulest murder of Patrice Lumumba, the true killers and lovers of death went for a friendly strong man and placed him in power and rode on. He was what he was, I never fancy talking and thinking about Mobutu, other than that he loved dancing too.

The Congo in the Mess

Today the Congo is in the mess, really nasty mess. Every other villain who has the ability to soil their fingers have soiled them in the Congo. The ‘neighbours’ never really became what they were expected to be – good. They rather became everything than that. But my question is; after Mobutu had been placed in power, could Congo’s ‘neighbours’ respect a Kinshasa-based government? Before we seek solutions to the current problem of the Congo, we may need to seek for ourselves and get to understand when we actually threw away respect for the Congo. 
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