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Corruption Swallowing Kenya Alive

Looking at the current political turbulence in the country that is  literally swimming in corruption and a government that is clearly fishing in the desert, I get worried about the political future of nationhood in Kenya. It is now becoming clearer to many a people, including the jubilants that something is wrong. Of course things have been bad all through.The problem for majority of Kenyans is that they are very selective on what they see and hear. The reason is simple. Kenyans use hearts more than they use the minds, or at least, they use the heart before the mind. 

It is not uncommon to hear people talk about "mwizi wetu" (our thief). Often ready to go down with one so long as they are "theirs". But what about those who do not have their own? What about when you realize that the so called "your own" is actually "their own" especially with the current revelation on nepotism high up. Anyway we still have a country to build but how do we construct it?

I am afraid if we continue on this trajectory, we in the words of a local musician risk having vision 2030 become 3020! Our quest to develop will only remain illusory. I mean I heard one person say that the amount of money stolen in the last year alone could construct a dual carriage road from Nairobi to Mombasa. I didn't agree with him, I think the road could stretch further down from Mombasa to Kissumu. I mean that is how bad corruption in this country is. 

But wait a minute who will help us slain this Dragon? Parliament cannot, the President cannot, the judiciary cannot. I mean they have been publicly competing over who/what is corrupt than the other as though there are trophies to be won. Oh yes, it pays. Unfortunately corruption pays in Kenya. We have created a country where people have been conditioned to believe that to be rich you must "make" and not earn money. Who will help us stop the money "making" business and start working to earn money? Again the President won't, Parliament won't, the Judiciary won't. That leave us with us. It is us. The early we decide the better. 
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