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Crimes without Perpetrators?

Nepal and Kenya exude certain similarities but none of those is as stark as having crimes without perpetrators. Sometimes it is funny and at times interesting but all the time really painful that crimes can just occur. Don't we find it ironical but annoying rather than amusing that crimes can just happen? That there are faceless people who kill and torture and rape and maim but they are never known or at least they are never said to be known? But this is what happens in many parts of the world especially so where there are intrastate conflicts in which the state and the powerful are architects. 

We never get to hear anything about them other than that something is being done to unearth the truth and so we spend a life time waiting for the truth to be unearthed. The reason to seek to unearth the truth is to get to know the perpetrators so that they can face justice. When we never get to know them then we are frustrated but above all we are forced to make conclusions. Now some of those kinds of conclusions may shock you but yes they are such as these: the crimes committed themselves. For instance we have never known who committed crimes during the post election violence of 2007-8 in Kenya and we might never get to know them anyway. Therefore we might never hold anybody accountable. Go and look at what is happening in Nepal 40 years after Nepal's internal conflicts. After that we shall compare notes. 
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