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Drums of Violence in Kenya: We Either Sweat for Peace or Bleed in War

If you are not new in Kenyan territories and if you ever made it your business to follow Kenya's checkered political history then you have every reason to be worried. You will get even more worried if you happen to be a genuine lover of active peace. The reason is rather simple. The ethnopolitical drums of violence have been beaten, they are being beaten and none wants to and can stop them it seems. Because even those who are supposed to prevent them seem to have joined in the beating and seem to enjoy.

From the north to the south, from the east to the west we can hear them. The drums of violence. The rate at which the aristocrats are joining is worrying and the rate at which the masses are jumping to the dance floor is simply alarming. Elections are fast approaching but then again we are being treated to groups of "rival" political wings clashing in some voter registration centers. If they can fight over registration what will happen during and after the polls? I never wish to imagine but then again.

The political history of this country is that many Kenyans fight around election time. Yes many if not all. Some actively throw stones, others shoot with arrows and even guns and many others perpetrate the violence by simply doing nothing. We are guilty and that is the reason we are not safe. None is safe because when it begins burning all burn. We saw it Molo long time. It is not recent history to some. Well let's go and look at 2007-8 and see what happened. That is recent history. 

Now another fact is here, Kenya has always had electoral related violence for decades. There were only two elections in recent history when Kenya "failed" to witness an active violence: 2002 and 2013. In the former they never fought because of the political euphoria to have Moi and his project off. Never mind that the rejected Moi's project then is now the President, thanks to ethnoculcous. Well by that time the tribes came together to unsit Moi but we never learned how strong a nation can be with national, as opposed to ethnic consciousness. We forgot so fast and soon holed ourselves back into that killer cocoon.

In 2013 they did not do it partly because the cloud of the ICC was heavily hanging over. But again ethnic calculations brought a coalition of the willing based on individuals facing similar threat. They then lied that they were coming together to unite what they called "their people." They never did, instead we have been treated to unrivalled looting. 

That is Kenya. Now that there is no Moi to remove nor the ICC to fight who will mobilize that bigger tribe called Kenya and save us an election violence? Meanwhile the drums of violence continue being beaten and more aristocrats join in the beating and more and more populace join in the dance. We only  have us to run to; we have to run to us. We either choose to do something and save the situation by averting a tragedy or we do nothing and bleed later next year. The more we are ready to sweat for peace the less likely to bleed in war.                                
Drums of Violence in Kenya: We Either Sweat for Peace or Bleed in War Drums of Violence in Kenya: We Either Sweat for Peace or Bleed in War Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on February 29, 2016 Rating: 5


  1. I loved this piece by all means. It shows the precarious nature of our politics and election cycle. While we may not have a common enemy to guarantee that we do not have election tension, is it about time that the electorate decides on uniting in striking off in unison politicians who have failed in service delivery?

    1. Yes it is just about time; I am seeing this happening in our life time. We need to do it; we should do it; we shall do it

  2. It is about us; it is not going to be anybody else's. We only need to rise up and their small nasty game will be over. But we must start by empowering the people for them to know that this dirty game is always about them (bandits) and not about us (the people).

  3. Yes, I will prefer to listen anything using my black pods rather the drums. It's my choice and you can also disagree.


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