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Alarming Intimidation Ahead of Elections in Uganda

Increased Threats 

A part from a deep conviction by Uganda’s National Resistance Movement (NRM) that Defiance is a really bad thing it also appears that NRM has another agenda. The NRM Secretary General Lumumba Kasule is quoted to have vowed that “we shall shoot anyone who will come on the streets to demonstrate against vote rigging. I worn those young people who are planning to do that, we shall kill them.” Addressing a press conference in Kampala the Police Spokesman Fred Enanga said that “impromptu check points will be erected during the election period to intercept movement of suspicious people intending to cause mayhem. Police will arrest anyone who will take to the street to challenge President Museveni’s election after he has been declared winner by the Electoral Commission.” Asked whether the Police were speaking in anticipation that Mr. Museveni will win, Mr. Enanga retorted; “we are not aware whether the President will win or not. But we are going to deal with those who intend to cause unrest once he is declared winner.”

Is Uganda’s NRM Planning to Rig Elections?

There interesting certain painful truths to be inferred from the foregoing statements. It appears that both the NRM and the Police know that there will be rigging and that Museveni will win their election. They are also prepared to deal with whoever who will come out to protest against the said rigging. But wait a minute; the most chilling of all is that they are actually prepared to kill. They will kill with impunity as usual. NRM is prepared to kill the same people it is contesting power to lead and whose well being the movement has been promising throughout the campaign trail and in its manifesto. They will use the same security agencies meant to protect the people to kill the same people. It is not my words; these are their words.

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