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Islamic State is Finding a Safe Haven in Libya

Emergence of IS

Within reasonable human imaginations, the Islamic State (IS) can be conceived as a human creation to further human interests. Now the makers of IS may need not be necessarily peoples of the middle east neither do they necessarily need to be Muslims. Never mind the name. We have been around here and we have seen IS emerge and grow. But it did not just emerge, no, it was planted, it sprouted, it was watered and nurtured to become the monster that it has become. All of us are guilty since even as its makers were busy nurturing it, we watched and we cheered. Today we seem not sure what to do with the IS. Even those who want to annihilate IS; those actively involved in countering it are only agreeable on one thing, that they need to destroy IS but they do not seem to know how. At least, there is no known viable strategy to counter IS. Interestingly as the actors get involved in trying to deal with IS, the bigger and complicated it grows. IS has become one of the most sophisticated terror agency in the world today. If you dreaded Al Qaeda, you need to tremble since IS is more lethal, more technologically empowered, more equipped, more networked, more everything.

IS in Africa

Recent trends are showing IS moving down South creating terror cells across many parts of Africa. Part of Somalia's Al Shabaab has pledged allegiance to IS, Nigeria's Boko Haram has done the same and recruits to IS are being recorded as far down as South Africa. Africa is a continent decorated with conflict fault lines. There is a fault line running through the Sahel right from the West all the way to Somalia and to Yemen through the Gulf of Aden. The Sahara is a good breeding ground for terror cells. There are also various ungovernable sections in many countries in Africa like parts of Niger, Mali, Chad. But more worrying is the availability of failed states like Somalia.

Just who Failed Libya?

But wait a minute, what should send that fatal shock down the spine is the availability of Libya as a failed state. It is becoming clearer by the day that IS is finding a safe ground and true haven in Libya. Now that should be worrying enough. But even before we worry about IS's apparent new found home in Libya, let's go and look and who wanted Libya failed and why? Could it be that the people behind the failure of Libya are also the makers of IS or is this just but coincidental?
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