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Why Kenya has Failed to Move On

Lamentations Over Joseph Nkaisery 

I have heard cries,  really loud cries on social media and elsewhere over the manner in which the Cabinet Secretary for Interior and National Coordination has been conducting himself. Recently we have had few bloggers and social media users stand court trials over posting things that jeopardize national security. I agree that any person who does something that puts national security at stake must be dealt with in accordance to the law. After all such a people are not only a danger to the security of the people and their property but also enemies of the state. National Security is too important to be toyed with. However my worry is in the manner in which such is interpreted and by whom. I do not know how for instance Yassin Juma's posts posed a danger to national security. I think we have better threats to national security. The corrupt chaps in government are the best bet. These people have stole public money locked millions of Kenyans in poverty trap and led so many to suffer and die. Security in my view is broad; it is human security. When people cannot access medical services or food, or sanitation we have insecurity. But again it appears Joseph Nkaisery's understanding of security is in terms of guns and fire. That is too narrow. But we need to go and do a background check. Who is this many Nkaisery? He is a former soldier. Oh Yea. Now people know why he spits fire. Again he was an army general during those good old days...Kenya's dark days. We hate to remember those days because they bring us to massacres like the Lotiriri one where Nkaisery himself commanded the killing of innocent Kenyans. I do not mean to say that Nkaisery has not contributed to the national security. He has tremendously contributed to security especially regarding the Al Shabaab issue. But he still remains a wrong man  for the job. If we are to be serious as a country in terms of seeking national healing and cohesion, people accused of perpetrating past injustices must be barred from holding public office. That is a simple demand of transitional justice. This is contained in the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission Report lying somewhere in the Office of the President. 

Moving Kenya On

The Jubilee government is associated with the "accept and move on" slogan. Indeed the government has been forcing this move on agenda. But the country seems not to be moving on anyway. There is a reason why we are not moving on. In my view, any attempt to 'move Kenya on' without some recourse to the TJRC may not succeed. Today some people are crying about Nkaisery but we seem to have forgotten the demand for lastrations contemplated in the TJRC report. Of course, he is a wrong man to hold the office he does given the fact that he commanded the army to kill innocent Kenyans in west Pokot (the Lotiriri massacre). I think Joseph Nkaisery had to be named Cabinet Secretary for interior just because somehow government was overwhelmed by the fact that another Maasai had to replace Ole Lenku, but again I think we have other Maasais of better public standing in public who were fit to hold that office. Why go for a man with a historical baggage and leave a myriad of other clean Kenyans? It then appears that the Jubilee government was overtaken by the political expedience; the desire to eat into the opposition. In such a scenario the government blatantly turned a blind eye on Nkaisery's past record with the hope that Kenya will 'accept and move on' but sorry this country has failed to move on, we must use our past as the mirror for us to construct a future that we want. But again I really wish Joseph Ole Nkaissery a good job. May be in the future I wish to know if he will go back to politics now that his job ends later 2017. 
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