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Kenyan MPs Want to be Paid for Work Not Done

Without any surprise at all, I woke up to this piece by John Ngirachu on the Daily Nation and it read in part that: MPs have hatched a plan to pocket Sh3.3 billion for the eight months their terms will be cut short, as the current Parliament will not sit for a full five years. Should they succeed in their quest, their move is likely to embolden members of county assemblies (MCAs), who have already demanded Sh5.05 billion for serving a shorter term.
The life of the current Parliament will be shortened because of a Supreme Court ruling made in 2012, during the tenure of the Grand Coalition. At the time, President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga failed to agree on an election date and the court determined that the elections be held in March 2013. The Constitution provides that the next General Election must be held in August 2017. That means the life of the current government will be shorter by eight months. Now, however, MPs have endorsed the plan that would allow them to earn salaries for the time they will not be in office.
“Given the date of the next General Election (August 8, 2017), it is now apparent that the term of the 11th Parliament will be less than five years. In this regard, the Parliamentary Service Commission ought to explore the possibility of a compensation mechanism in lieu of the shortened term,” the leadership of the House resolved on Saturday at the end of a retreat held in Mombasa.
The MPs want the payment to be factored in the June Budget. Since the National Assembly has 349 members and the Senate has 62 and each earns about Sh1 million a month, this brings the total that they want to be paid to Sh3.3 billion. Although they will not be working, the MPs have argued that they will be making a sacrifice and hence should be paid for the transition period.
As you can imagine I had many words to this but only one simple and straightforward pieces of advice. We hired the MPs and we hired them after the current constitution had come to force. Before they sought this job, they ought to have known when their term was to expire. We cannot begin to re-negotiate the contract terms. Two, let the not so honourable current MPs understand this simple fact of human resource that we pay people for services they render; they won't be rendering any services to Kenya as Members of Parliament between August 2017 and March 2018. Three, we know that for sure many of them will bribe their way back to Parliament (although it really isn't my wish); so do some of them want to take home double salaries?  
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