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Kidero Slapped Shebesh to Oblivion

Dr Evans Kidero is one man that many people not only know of but also love to talk about. Not necessarily because he is Governor of Nairobi City County, the Capital city and commercial hub of Kenya but also because he does many other things that interest the public. He is known for planning grass few days before the US President visited Kenya last July. Many Kenyan loved and seemed to enjoy making fun of him over that incident and so they came up with all manner of funny ways to describe the so called Kidero grass especially on social media. But yes it does not end at the grass. He is also known for slapping the Nairobi County Women Representative in the National Assembly in public. That was  bad. I hate to remember it for it speaks many things and brings a lot of pain and anguish for those of us who believe in the sanctity of a woman. You just do not slap a woman no matter waht. It is unacceptable. At least that is what I have learnt to learn from the school of life. But he did it anyway and they settled it out of court I hear. 

But talkingg about the Hon. Governor Kidero and issues, there are many more other interesting things about the Nairobi boss. But again talking about interesting does not mean they are necessarily good. The Governor has been alleged to have contributed to the collapse of Mumias Sugar, the one time largest sugar milling factory in Kenya. He has also most recently been accused of bribing a supreme court Judge to have a ruling in his fervour during an election petition in which his competitor argued that the Governor did not win fairly. He has of course denied all the allegations. Sometimes I wonder how one man can have all these allegations levelled against him and so I struggle to want to believe him when he says that he is innocent but them again.  

Anyway being a public figure we just found ourselves talking about him within a political free talk. We talked about many other things of course but also we talked about Dr. Evans Kidero, Governor of Nairobi. We started talking and we talked and talked about many things from the claims that he played a role in sinking Mumias Sugar to his grass joke, to the Nairobi garbage, to allegations of bribery of Supreme Court Judge. We come from strong different political persuasions but we didn't seem to have any difficult agreeing that Kidero hasn't done anything significant known for Nairobi's development for the last 3 years. Perhaps what he is better known for is slapping the Hon. Rachael Shebesh to oblivion. 
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