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Military Intervention in Somalia is a Revolving Door

I have said it and won't grow tired repeating again and again that it is not possible to have a military solution to the Somalia conflict. I mean if we are too blind to foreshadow we can at least be gracious enough to flashback. How many military interventions have gone into Somalia for over 2 decades with military attempts to lift Somalia from oblivion? Many. How many succeeded? None. Why do we still think that current and/or future military interventions can return Somalia back on the rails.

The military interventions in Somalia is just a revolving door. If the US failed will Kenya or Uganda or Ethiopia or whatever other African country succeed in restoring Somalia through a military option? My guess is as good. I mean the US is militarily more powerful than all African states combined. It failed in Somalia just as it fails all over the world. Military intervention in intra state conflicts is a mere waste of time.

But there are other benefits that people and/or states reap from military interventions. It is therefore logical to vacate the fallacy that Somalia can be restored militarily and retune our abilities to perceive what is true. The truth about the military interventions is that some people are gaining. It is business; it is entrepreneurship; it is about making money. People like this art of making money. If it means you have to rock the world with endless wars to make money so be it so they say and do. 

Just few weeks since Kenya lost "unknown" number of soldiers in Somalia and only few days since the AU sought to change the mandate of AMISOM to make it a fighting force the EU just announced its intention to cut its financial support to AMISOM. Just days after Kenya tabled proposals to get AMISOM better equipped to deal with Al Shabaab in Somalia the EU announced its intention to reduce the budget. Just days after Kenya's parliament approved more financial allocation to KDF (working under AMISOM) in Somalia the EU announced its intention to scale down its financial support to AMISOM.

Now who is fooling who? Not me. At least I have already said this. There cannot be any military solution to the Somalia conflict. The owners of the Somalia war have other interests. Those interests may have nothing to do with peace and stability in Somalia. And so when the military nears making a breakthrough, it will be frustrated.  One of the surest ways to frustrate military interventions is shutting down financial taps at the right time and opening them at the wrong time. The aim is to sustain two things; the instability and the availability of military action. As usual beneficiaries of warmongery will keep toasting. It is our world. That is how small it is but yet mammoth. After all who have their boots on the ground? Just some poor Africans coming from countries where leaders can't see beyond the droppings from militarism. So what is it to have some 200 poor Kenyans die in Somalia in a war they will never win anyway?  There is business involved.
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