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Munya Walks out on Ruto: Let's Look at the Bigger Picture

And Munya Left 

Today we had that ugly incident where the Governor of Meru County who also is the Chair of the Council of Governors (CoG) was forced to prematurely leave the meeting in which the Deputy President William Ruto was in attendance. It was yet another ugly political scene. A demonstration of political immaturity in my view. But let us refresh our minds. This is not an isolated ugly political scene we have witnessed in recent times. Sometimes last year we saw Governor Isaac Rutto of Bomet and Deputy President William Ruto shamelessly hurling words at each other in a meeting at Bomet. Also just recently we saw the Governor of Mombasa almost going physical with the Senator of Nairobi in front of the President in his long tour of the coast. Many other incidences have occurred. 

Interestingly the President and his Deputy seem to be doing nothing about it and their lack of reaction to these ugly incidences seems to suggest that they either approve of them or at worst they are involved in planning them. What I recall is that, at least, both Governors Munya and Rutto have insisted that the Deputy President carries along with him the rowdy youth who engage in the observed heckling. I thought it is a bad practice; it is dirty politics. We must be ready to condemn it and call on our leaders to do something and stop this bad manners. We expect better from leaders. Let them reciprocate the respect we accord them otherwise very soon they may suffer from lack of respect from us. We won't apologize because they will have no reason to  blame us for indeed they will have earned just that.

Beneath the Ugly Political Scenes 

That said I want to go and look at all these ugly political scenes in my attempt to make sense out of them. Two things are discernible for me. At least, the most important two to be correct. First is the fact that we are having more and more Senators who are eyeing the gubernatorial seats. I find it interesting that most of the current Senators were long serving politicians. Hell know why they opted for the Senate in 2013 and now they are salivating for governorship. At least, it serves me right to think that the Kenya Constitution of 2010 was confusing enough such that even the drafters never quite recognised the centres of power. Now whether that is a good or bad thing, I will consult lawyer men and women in due course. Going back to my point. There is a clear battle between Governors and Senators. There was something that Senator Gideon Mbuvi wanted to show Governor Hassan Joho in Mombasa. I am not sure what it was. Who knows may be Sonko wants to move down coast and govern county Number 01 in Kenya. We have seen this kind of thing playing out in some other parts. Senator Kiraitu Murungi of Meru who sat still while the Governor of Meru was being heckled by what he termed "watu walioletwa" (people who were brought) is clearly fighting to get the Meru Gubernatorial seat come elections next year and the poor Governor is instinctively moved to act in a bid to save his political future. Someone from Meru whispered to me that Governor Peter Munya cannot be re-elected. He went on to tell me that he is Governor because of Senator Kiraitu Murungi and that he cannot be fighting Murungi and expect any votes in Meru. He went further to tell me that the best bet for Governor Munya is to leave the Governorship to Murungi and vie for the Senatorial seat and work closely with Murungi to get elected as a Senator. Now those were heavy insights. It appears in Meru it is Senator Kiraitu Murungi and not the people of Meru that decides who becomes what in the political leadership. Well I leave it at that.

Is William Ruto Fighting Devolution?  

At least I have partly delved into what I am seeing as the first reason to the ugly political scenes that we are being served. Related to it is the politics of Jubilee Alliance Party or is it Jubilee Party? I am not sure but either of those. The party has been opposed by both Governor Rutto and Governor Munya. Both are cases of political survival. Munya knows that he cannot get the ticket of that new outfit since Murungi is already in the house. On the other hand Isaac Rutto seems to be harbouring bigger political ambitions that Deputy President William Ruto seems to be dwarfing. He thinks by endorsing the Deputy President, he will he shooting himself on the foot by diminishing his chances for bigger things. He has therefore revolted from within and caused the rift in the Rift. 

But here is the bigger picture. Governor Rutto is the immediate former Chair of the CoG and Governor Munya is the current Chair of the CoG. Both men appear to have genuine interest in ensuring that devolution works in Kenya. They have consistently and in a straight line progression championed the cause of devolution. They seem to be meaning well in that regard. I seem to believe in them; after all, I am another believer in devolution. Once upon a time the Governor of Machakos said that "if devolution does not work there will be a revolution in Kenya." I am not sure he still holds the same position. Like nappies you know they change very fast, these people. They are changeable. It is only important not to wait for them on same spot; they will certainly shock you. But yes, devolution has to work for Kenya, it is the major benefit that we can reap from our good constitution. Coming back to the point. Deputy President William Ruto never voted for this constitution. He never believed in it; he never believes in devolution which was the major take home from this constitution that he fiercely opposed in 2010. Now we can begin interpreting his body language and subsequent handling of those ugly political scenes like that witnessed in Meru today when the Governor of Meru and Chair of the CoG was forced to prematurely leave the meeting. That was ugly. I wish we can stop ugly politics as we move to elections and indeed as we seek to mature our democracy. 

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