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My Beef With the African Union

Historical Colonialism 

The African Union (AU) has been making a fool of me; at least, I am safe talking of me because I guess some mortals still believe in this so called regional body that is meant over and above everything to ensure and assure the peace and security of the peoples of Africa. When I was growing up I proudly sang the tune of the AU and I was meant to believe in Africa especially the dictum of African solutions to African problems. That was as sexy a statement as it gets. After all, I studied about the tragedy of historical colonialism. I hated colonizers, so much such that I thought I would not take any explanation from them as regards colonialism. I also wanted to believe that the peoples of the west are so bad and that they have done many bad things to Africans and Asians and Latin Americans. I never wanted to hear none of the western rhetoric. I thought they are the people who created racism, a position I am persuaded to still hold today. After all how would kids grow up to the knowledge that some people are inferior to others due to the colour of their skin had they not started the business of selling black people and using them as instruments; mere objects of labour? They made our fore fathers and mothers to labour and toil for free in constructing their countries now they do not even want us to step there. That was bad; it still remains bad. Historical colonialism and slave trade can never be justified; it remains inherently wrong; it simply should not have happened. But it did happen. I have therefore learnt to accept it as a historical tragedy. But I have learnt to forgive the colonisers for indeed some of them are now remorseful. Others are dead. Why hold grudges on dead mortals?


But again some of their descendants have been doing the bad manners of neo-colonialism. It must be condemned and it must be rejected in all its forms and manifestations. While I stand to condemn any form of neo-colonialism especially on Africa, my mother land I am cautions. Cautious because African leaders... well did I call them leaders? That is an abuse of the concept of leadership for indeed most of them are criminals and thugs. But anyway, these so called African leaders are unfortunately collaborators of the current neo-colonialism. They abuse and vent but their ignorance and their wickedness stinks. They have been either knowingly and willingly or unknowingly and ignorantly engaged in the process that will soon annihilate Africa. Yes, these criminals blood suckers will finish us. They have eaten all the flesh of mother Africa, sacked all the blood including the milk from the African mother and semen and sperms from African fathers and they are leaving Africa to slowly face its natural death. They wage wars; they kill their own people; the rape their mothers and daughters; maim their sons and defile their land. They are our leaders; we call them so but they are our killers; they are the modern colonizers; our detractors and our collective enemy. They do not want a better Africa; they do not want a prosperous Africa; they do not want a peaceful Africa; they do not want a secure Africa; in fact, they do not want Africa at all. They simply want Africa dead.

Club of Old Boys and Girls 

These villains have formed themselves into a Mafia; they have turned the AU into a club of old boys with few girls  and transformed the AU into nothing but a tool for self perpetuation and protection of the self-same. When they sit in their meetings they plot how to defeat justice and strangle peace. They abuse and accuse the west for interfering in African issues; they term international justice instruments and regimes imperial but offer no African solution at all. When the west intervenes they say it is imperialism; when the west does not intervene they say it has abandoned Africa. They have turned into ever complaining; ever crying and yapping infants only good at soiling the nappies and calling on the world to clean them up. These so called African leaders collectively within the AU do not seem to have any known vision for Africa. They already left Africa alone long time and forged their own pathways. They could not come together to defender Col. Gaddafi when westerners unjustly rose against him; they have not found any reason to stop Nkurunziza from killing Burundians in their numbers; they cannot stop Museveni from brewing a post-election violence in Uganda. They have sat back and witnessed many African states fail and they are doing nothing to lift those countries up. They have been eating into the Congo; looting and plundering alongside the west and the east and everyone else. These so called leaders have never sat back and thought of an African solution to Somalia or to DRC or to CAR; they have never had the guts to tell the Eritrean Dictator to stop persecuting his own people. But they always have time sufficient enough to wrestle Bashir and Kenyatta and Ruto from the jaws of the ICC because these are the self-same- the holders of life that matters to the AU. The lives of the African peoples who were killed in Kenya, those murdered in Darfur; those killed in many parts of Africa, raped women and girls, maimed men and women, orphaned children mean nothing to this club of old boys and few girls that has become the AU. 

Shame of Africa

The AU is becoming the shame of Africa. Today in the world, it is only in Africa where leaders kill their own people, enjoy murdering, maiming and raping them. They kill with impunity; they hide behind power and get away with murder. They use the same state power that they should use to safeguard the lives and property of their people to turn right against the very people they are supposed to protect. These are what we call our leaders; the African leaders. Forever crying and blaming colonialism for the African problems. But for 50 years they have cumulatively killed, maimed, raped, tortured and enslaved more Africans that a combination of all colonialists did. Yet they want to pose as being better than colonialists and play victim. No thank you, you are murderes not victims; you are perpetrators of most grave atrocities in our continent and your hands are so full of blood. Both those who have actively killed and all those who have continued to defend them within the AU remain the same; killers and haters of Africa and Africans sucking African blood.  

These are the people sitting at the AU. The same characters the peoples of Africa are looking to for security peace and stability. I think the AU is no longer serving the interests of millions of Africans. This body is pursuing myopic interests of the so called leaders. The bandits who have taken hold of the union and transformed it into a noise gong only good at hurling insults to the west and doing nothing at home. If the union continues like this; we may need to think of alternatives. I do not have them yet. Yes I have them but I am not saying them yet. But to the AU I dare say NO!

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