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Of Elections and Life Presidents in Africa

A Ugandan friend told me that she is afraid President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni's name could be i on the ballot come 2021. I said I am not surprised ton querying why I simply said but we are talking about Uganda's Museveni. Meanwhile Kenya's 2017 elections seems to be pre-determined now that those in power have kept insisting on 2022 and not 2017. One of these fine days I will be tempted to suggest that we skip elections and spend that money on those other things that we use money for...development that is if the eurobond and other monies were used for development anyway. I wonder what became of Senegal's President Mr. Marky Sall, he seems to have backpeddled on his earlier decision to push for constitutional amendment to reduce presidential terms from current 7 to 5 years which according to him is the most reasonable and seemingly prevalent term across the continent. Meanwhile the new chair of the AU Chad's President Mr. Idris Deby is busy working out how to stay put, perhaps a literal inheritance of the Chair from Zimbabwe's President Mr. Robert Mugabe but also it is interesting but not obviously not surprising that this week President Robert Mugabe hinted that he might seek to defend his seat in 2018. Never mind how old he is but recently in the African capital Addis Ababa he said that he will lead as long as God allows him to. Perhaps another way of saying that he will rule to death.
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