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Peace is Possible

A close examination of counter-terror and state-building efforts in many countries around the world indicates that focusing on pacifism and relying less on the military leads to better long-term outcomes. Militarism is just dirty politics, the work of peace is simple, it has nothing to do with firing. Let's go and try listening and talking; let's try out provision of human needs and not guns, tractors and not tanks, passenger jets and not war planes, cargo ships and not war submarines and soon the world will know peace. That is if the world is ready for peace. 

Adam Curle was not so stupid in my view, neither was Mahatima Gandhi or the Dalai Lama. As a believer in peace (positive peace), I have come face to face with people who make a mockery of such a conviction terming it outright utopian. But I do not make a mistake of underestimating man’s capacity for idealism. I am sure I have never been able to find Adam Curle’s ideology of radical peacemaking outrageous as some people suggest. 

We are not alien to what the gun has done to the world in general and Africa in particular. The father of peace education, Johan Galtung talks about peace through peaceful means. Indeed there is only one way to peace, peace is  the way. I have no idea how people conceive of shooting their way to peace, that is not peace, that is calmness (negative peace). People keep quiet because there is a looming overwhelming threat to violence if they turn violent. The bottom line is that if you use the gun to "impose" peace, that is not peace it is simply violence. If we thought there was peace in countries like Ethiopia, Rwanda, Eritrea and so on; we may need to amend our thoughts. Calmness caused by the presence of strongmen and police states never assure a nation's peace and long term stability. I know this evokes debate but yes we are here to trigger debate and engage in debate so long as it is constructive debate. 

We may need to start believing in peace and working for it. In the words of Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit "the more we sweat in peace, the less we bleed in war.” We have decisions to make, either we do tanks or we do tractors. We can only start building peace the moment we realize that peace is possible and that peace is not as expensive as war. 
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