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Ruto Has Himself to Blame for His Woes

Since he became Deputy President in a highly suspect elections in 2013 William Ruto decided to become very rude, arrogant and stubborn. He has always seemed not to want to listen to anyone, to heed not advice, to talk to no one. He instead chose to abuse everyone who attempted to correct and/or advise him, openly defying all attempts by his "own people" to help have him amend his ways. But now after realizing things in Kericho, Bomet, Baringo, Pokot and elsewhere are going really bad the strongman says he is ready to listen to his party United Republican Party (URP) "rebels" after he was forced by circumstances to offer a public apology in Kericho this week. He has gone to Kericho twice in less than a week to campaign for his preferred candidate for the senatorial by election. But the mood speaks for itself, people are tired of him; they have not hid their feelings about him and their perceptions about his poor leadership style. 

The call for all political parties within the Jubilee coalition to fold into one party has certainly proved an uphill. Now the poor Deputy President seems to wake up to the reality of the existence of rift in his home base and political turf, Rift Valley. But sir I am worried it is getting rather late; very late and time seems to fly. Time seems to catch up with you sir, had you known earlier enough, had you listened earlier, may be, just may be you could still hold on to that dear dream of becoming president some day but then...now...well we can only say that no matter where you are from your dreams are valid. 
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