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Skewed Development a Driver for Ethnicity and Presidentism in Kenya

I once heard Maina Kiai question how government settled on the construction of Thika super highway. His argument was that the Mombasa road, Uhuru Highway, Waiyaki way corridor deserved that highway if proper criteria could have been used. He actually said the construction of that highway only helped perpetuate the same old regional imbalance. Well the highway was accepted without any much questioning. But now honestly President Kenyatta has approved the construction of a dual carriage road from Thika to Nyeri. Well I know there is in-house fighting between Kirinyaga and Muran'ga counties over the proposed road. Meanwhile we know for sure that Lamu county has only 10 km of tarmac yes 1,2,10 since independence. 

Do we still need this kind of skewed developments in 21st century Kenya? NO. Again if we will ever bother to understand how and why tribalism and negative ethnicity will continue haunting this country, this is how because no matter where you come from if you want to be sincere you will accept this is extremely skewed development and people are never blind to such. Kenya is far bigger than central. Even Kehancha and Todenyang' are in Kenya too. Unless and until we are courageous enough to spread these development projects evenly across the country, we can rest assured people will keep fighting for the presidency in this country and whatever we call tribalism and negative ethnicity which eat us to the core will certainly continue haunting our land. The single most important reason for the continued fighting for the presidency in Kenya is that economic development is synonymous to control of state power. I recently argued that we have failed to tame the presidency in this country. If President Kenyatta under the constitution of 2010 is still solving people's issues on roadside rallies we must agree that we have a big problem.
Skewed Development a Driver for Ethnicity and Presidentism in Kenya Skewed Development a Driver for Ethnicity and Presidentism in Kenya  Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on February 22, 2016 Rating: 5

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