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Supporters of President Museveni Must Accommodate Criticism Too

Museveni, the Ruler of Uganda

And so a good Ugandan, a patriot, proud citizen and a man who thinks he has a near religious obligation to defend the president and his government went on twitter and said that “we cannot blame the president for everything.” He is a 'Musevenist' and he meant President Yoweri Kaguta Muveseni of Uganda, of course. This is a man who has ruled Uganda since around the time I was born. But up to that, I agree with the good citizen. I agree because I have no reason why not to. Never accuse me of circular argument. Also note that I said a man who has ruled Uganda. That was deliberate. I thought Uganda needs to be governed now not ruled! Anyway, a Ugandan patriot went on to supply the consequent after a largely agreeable antecedent and so he argued that “Africa always exited without modern hospitals which were only introduced in the last hundred years” and he wondered whether critics wanted to blame the president for that too.

Am I Not Allowed to Comment?

This same man has in the past ever told me to keep off Uganda politics. In his view I have no right to comment on Uganda’s internal affairs since they do not concern or affect me. I recall the same was told to me by my Rwandese friends when I commented on the infamous “I can only accept” new year speech by the President of Rwanda, his Excellence Paul Kagame. Well, I do not know how some people think or even whether they think at all. But they can talk. The worst is that you do not need to know how to think before you know how to talk, in fact, the other way round is the case. So I pardon them; they can talk because they can actually talk. I am ok with that. But this time I had to respond to this patriotic Ugandan and I had to remind him that he already included Africa in his statement and as such I was would within his naïve thinking qualify to comment on his assertion.

Uganda may not need Modern Hospitals after all!

The Ugandan patriotic citizen and government defence duty bearer seems to suggest that Uganda may not be in need of modern medical facilities, after all Africa exited all its life without modern medical facilities. But really, what was that again? I am still struggling to comprehend how someone can argue that since modern hospitals were introduced in Africa just in the last hundred years … then…then...  As you can see I am lost. Meaning, I do not even seem to understand what he meant by what he said. But he seemed to have wanted to tell off those who have been talking about the wanting state of the Ugandan hospitals especially following exposure of dilapidation during Dr. Kiza Besigye’s visit to one local health facility in the country. A good citizen thought that it was wrong to blame the president for the poor state of health facilities, after all, in his right thinking Africa spent all her life without modern medical facilities so why now… why demand them now? Africa, and Uganda for that matter, can still do without such. I guess again that is what he was meaning by that. By any chance, does he mean to tell us that Africa in general and Uganda in particular does not need modern medical facilities? I wish that is not what he was attempting to say but unfortunately I could be wrong and that makes it worse.

Right of Reply

I actually have no problem with President Museveni governing Uganda as much as I can remember. I have issues with him ruling the country has he does. I also do not have any problem with Museveni governing Uganda as far as the world can hold so long as majority of Ugandans wish so. But I wonder if majority of Ugandans actually wish to have the man continue governing leave alone ruling. But again it is very hard to measure the wish of Ugandans amidst emergence of people from within the regime and the ruling movement who have openly disclosed having participated in rigging elections in fervour of the president and long life of the movement. Again those are internal affairs but as a neighbour, I think we suffer from the same fate. We are in this same African boat but also the world has since shrinked substantively. This is not Idd Amin Dada’s time for me to think what happens in Uganda may not affect me. I do not seem to see the likelihood of the Ugandan plight not affecting me.

I therefore seem to have no option but to give my response in regard to the good Uganda citizen’s comment. Yes here is the response. In my view, that was one of the statements most naïve I have come across after awhile. The fact that Africa in general and Uganda in particular exited for ages without modern hospitals does not mean we stop establishing and improving medical facilities in Africa toady. Secondly, Ugandans have a right to demand that their president demonstrates improvement in access to modern medical facilities. Sorry, but this is not an option, it is part of the reason the president is actually in existence. In the last 30 years President Museveni has been in control of state power; he has been the CEO of the country and the chief accounting officer. As president, he must be held to account on among other things, expenditure of public money to build and improve medical facilities in the country. Even when one feels that the president is so good and that he should not be criticized, so long as he is president, it is unlikely that he will be immune from public censure. Therefore we, oh OK, I will still continue thinking and commenting on the president of the Republic of Uganda but I have no vote so the Ugandan good citizen shouldn't worry since I can only talk and write. But unlike him, I can think too.  

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