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The Presidency is Still a Big Problem in Kenya

Kenya has been on the runway for so long. Any political analyst will agree that Kenya has all what it takes to take off. This country deserves to be at the a level of Malaysia, Singapore and the like. But yes, the country has been on the run way for decades. Following the fall of Dictator Moi and his project in 2002 many hoped that the country would finally take off. It did not. It took another struggle and in 2010 everybody including myself believed that at last the run way was clear and the country was finally taking off but 5 years down the line the country is still on the run way. Of course, certain obvious mistakes took place, one of them is that we returned Moi's project that we had celebrated to have defeated back in 2002. Sometimes it startles me how we think, that is if we think at all. How on earth could we vote in people who never believed in transitioning Kenya into power and expect them to help Kenya take off? All we are seeing now is unrivalled corruption in Kenya's history and dishing out land and other public goods for political capital, a sin that has remained Kenya's most important setback since independence. 

The single most important thing that Kenyans wanted in the new constitution was to tame the powerful presidency. More than 70 percent of Kenya's problems are associated to a powerful presidency. And to help Kenya take off, the people of Kenya thought and rightly so that it was necessary to significantly check the powers of the president through devolution and constitutional institutions. The letter of the constitution to that end is very clear but the spirit greatly depends on political good will, which unfortunately is rare in Kenya. Due to lack of that political will, we are yet to realize the spirit of the constitution 5 years down the line and Kenya is till on the runway. On the contrary we are seeing a straight line progression in consolidation of presidential power; getting back the powers that were meant to be centred elsewhere and hipping it on the presidency again. In simple terms we are on our way back to those old days. What should worry us is the speed at which we are doing this.

We are still witnessing the President of the Republic of Kenya today dishing out land, giving in to various demands by the people and promising goodies along the roads. The current President makes stops on the roads gets entertained and listens to the demands of the people and solves people's problems in the roadside gatherings and political rallies. Now this is exactly what Kenyans did not want for how different is President Uhuru Kenyatta's now popular practice from Moi's? It can only mean one thing, that the presidency is still a big problem in Kenya. 
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