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Where are the Benefits of the Kenya National Accord 2008?

Peace and Justice it is

Transitional justice is increasingly accepted as an important element of post-conflict peacebuilding. Along with the demobilization and disarmament of ex-combatants, security sector reform, rule of law programs, and elections, it has now joined a virtual check-list of initiatives to be carried out in post-conflict countries. Contested issues form the basis of conflict. It is imperative therefore that any response to issues of contestation be addressing without the peace vs justice antagonism that often come to play in the complexity that the post-conflict environment presents. There is need to foster a conscience movement from the justice vs peace stance to the one on justice and peace. Seeking synergies through the optics of these historic concerns and critiques could be one technique of resistance to these tendencies, leading to the development of innovative techniques for building peace with justice in post conflict peace consolidation for sustainable development.

The Kenya National Accord 2008

The national dialogue and reconciliation, while tackling the post-election violence triggered by disputed presidential election results on the short term. On the long term, it aimed at addressing underlying and long standing social, economic and political issues that have continued to plague post independent Kenya. The accord was expected to mark the beginning of the process of truth, healing, reconciliation and national cohesion. I wonder if the Accord has delivered anything for Kenya in terms of what it was meant to achieve for the country and if it does then I will be sure to seek assistance from anyone who will be kind enough to point that out for me. 
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