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Why Boutros Boutros Ghali Became One Term UN Secretary General

Death of Ghali 

This week we lost Boutros Boutros Ghali, the former UN Secretary General. He led the UN during a very turbulent time as the world was emerging from the Cold War and with rising intra-state conflicts especially the crisis in Yugoslavia, the conflict in Somalia and the genocide in Rwanda. He may have committed his mistakes but he also contributed the Agenda for Peace. He will be remembered for that.  

UN Politics 

His reputation became entangled in the larger controversies over the effectiveness of the UN and the role of the United States in the UN. But it appears that what soiled him most are the allegations of too personal involvement in the Somalia crisis. But again too personal involvement could have been good for him if he was involved in a manner that was acceptable and/or right. So then it is better said that he took sides. Now that must have been bad for the top man. Some Somalis believed he was responsible for an escalation of the Somalia crisis by undertaking a personal vendetta against Mohamed Farrah Aidid and his Habr Gidr clan, favouring their rivals, the Darod the clan of the former dictator Mohamed Siad Barre. It was believed that he demanded the 12 July 1993 US helicopter attack on a meeting of Habr Gidr clan leaders, who were meeting to discuss a peace initiative put forward by the leader of the UN Mission in Mogadishu, retired U.S. Admiral Jonathan Howe. It is generally believed that the majority of the clan elders were eager to arrange a peace and to rein in the provocative activities of their clan leader, Mohamed Farrah Aidid, but, after this attack on a peaceful meeting, the clan was resolved on fighting the Americans and the UN, leading to the Battle of Mogadishu on 3–4 October 1993. But also it is whispered that the US was opposed to Boutros Ghali because of the latter's reluctance on approving NATO bombing in Bosnia. Anyway he became UN Secretary General for one term effectively becoming the first person to hold that office for one term.

An Arab; An African 

Again he was made a one term Secretary General since the US particularly fell out with him. Apart from what I have indicated which is extremely crude and open ended, I don't think I know any other detailed reasons exactly why he was forced into one term but, at least, I know he at some point also reminded them that being an Egyptian he was an Arab and an African. May his soul rest in peace. 
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