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Governance Void the Major Trouble With Africa

Africa is a continent endowed with immense resources; they flow in abundance yet Africa is the poorest of all the continents of the world. At the mention, leave alone the calculation of resources with which Africa has been endowed with one starts wondering why poverty in Africa? Africa has been reduced to being synonymous with poverty, disease, ignorance etc. But why? Why should a continent so rich in resources host the world's largest number of poor mortals? Perhaps this is not the question to ask; perhaps we should begin asking; who wants Africa to remain poor? The harder the question, the better the measure. 

I think many people including many Africans especially the African leaders want Africa to remain poor. These people have never shown any known commitment to fighting poverty in Africa by diligently utilising the immense resources on the continent. They instead have been part of the looters. Unfortunately they also kill during this looting spree. They have eaten their people alive, murdered, maimed, raped, injured and pillaged their property with impunity. Africa has a leadership gap. We need to urgently fix our leadership if we are to move. 
Governance Void the Major Trouble With Africa Governance Void the Major Trouble With Africa Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on March 07, 2016 Rating: 5

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