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Live Life: Conflicts are Part of the Same Life

And my friend lamented that "if we keep on resolving one conflict after another when shall we ever have time to live a peaceful life." But I told her that conflict resolution and/or transformation is part and parcel of life and that we should find peace in peaceful resolution and/or transformation of conflicts. Well, I wonder why some people expect to lead another separate life apparently devoid of real life situations. I mean conflicts are part and parcel of a package that is this life. Devising ways and means of transforming conflicts into positive life situations is our calling and that is partly what peace entails.

This reminds me of people who put everything aside to pursue education and work, people who want to stop living life until they finish a course of study or some work. Come on people; these things are part of life. Live your life; study, work, enjoy, cry, explore, think, relax, toil, suffer and rejoice. This is a package that is life. Do not wait to finish certain things before embarking on your life; it is the same little life you have. I do not mean to make some people feel miserable but come on, misery too is part of this complex whole that we call life. The early you realize this the better for your body and soul, mind and spirit. Conflicts are part of life we need to devise tools to transform them to make this life not really bearable but actually enjoyable. 
Live Life: Conflicts are Part of the Same Life Live Life: Conflicts are Part of the Same Life Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on March 18, 2016 Rating: 5

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