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Sovereign Power Rests with the People not the Government

Delegated Power

A government cannot exist for chest thumbing. I think that is not the reason we agree as a people to put the government in place. It should exist to ensure our human security. We therefore willingly and lovingly transfer our sovereign power to our elected leaders and give them a mandate to execute on our behalf. We are the people and sovereign power rests with us. Before government is, we are. I was particularly disturbed by the manner in which some functionaries of the national government handled the case of the Mombasa Governor, Ali Hassan Joho. Whereas he is not the kind of leader I can admire, anyway, the national government’s reactionary and seemingly desperate manner in which it handled Joho and the casualness with which it was done leaves me worried and deeply concerned as a good citizen. I doubt this is what government should exist for.

Power Rests with the People

Of particular concern were statements emanating from the Interior Cabinet Secretary, Joseph Nkaissery. While he was out to "threaten" Joho, Nkaissery made some statements that must worry well meaning Kenyans. At some point he actually said no one can “threaten government.” Well I thought government must be a creation of the people and that the people should not only have the power to threaten but also do away with government if they so wish. So according to Nkaissery who is the owner of legitimate power again, the state or the people? I thought he hasn't read the preamble of the constitution of Kenya. This has nothing to do with Joho but Nkaissery should remember that the people of Kenya have the power to threaten the government of Kenya, government is our creation, we are not the creation of government.

Warigi Says

Wring for the Daily Nation, Giatu Warigi commented on this matter and raised deep concerns about the manner in which it was handled. Warigi held that: “the other day we were treated to the cat-and-mouse game of the central government versus Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho over the latter’s firearms. The government not only ended up with stinking egg on its face. It looked very foolish."

Use State Power Well

I concur with him. It is bad enough for state functionaries especially those entrusted with national security behave in a manner that erodes public confidence in them. Sometimes I wonder what they were out for; if it was the politics of the Coast and Malindi in particular that that is more saddening for indeed our leaders in the security docket must not take this partisan approach to security matters. Let politics be; Nkaisery and the rest should endeavour to provide security for us; all of us the citizens of Kenya regardless of political persuasion and any other affiliations. An impulsive government as exhibited by Nkaissery and the rest can easily turn laughable as Warigi rightly puts it. And yes, Nkaissery should know that the people of Kenya have the right and the power to threaten their government; for instance we can put government on notice that if it does not satisfactorily meet our human security needs, we for sure will do away with it by voting it out. That is a very good threat and government cannot do anything about it since sovereign power rests with us “We the people of Kenya.” Bu we have no business threatening government, we demand that it plays its role and plays it well. Government also has no business threatening the people. I think Nkaissery should rectify the language he is using for it is full of threats. All Kenyans are not criminals. The CS should use delegated authority to deal with criminals in society not to threaten citizens en masse about how powerful the state is. We are the ones who have willingly made the state powerful for our protection. This is a simple concept that must sink well otherwise the state will eat its own people as we are witnessing elsewhere including neighbouring Uganda. 

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