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Ugandans are Dying the International Community is Doing Nothing

Sham Elections

Led by Yoweri Museveni Uganda pulled one of the unrivalled electoral frauds of our time. Often times I have disputed that there was an election in Uganda. I think we may need to devise a name for what was experienced in that country. Certainly the so called general elections in Uganda especially the presidential one operated outside all known benchmarks of electoral democracy; it did not come any close to things like free, fair, credible etc. It cannot be said to be the will of the people if the definition of the people in democratic dispensation was to remain constant.

The cowardly African observers argued that the Ugandan poll met the “minimum threshold of a free and fair election.” I have never had the courage to attempt to think about what that could mean. I think I have no time too for such. Interestingly the so called international community and other non African observers raised isolated issues about the manner in which that so called election in Uganda was conducted. They seem to have remained isolated cases of concern. But nothing much; nothing significant has been seen to be done since.

Illegitimate Regime 

Meanwhile the illegitimate regime led by Museveni continues to torture and kill the people of Uganda all this time since the sham poll last month. As if it was not enough for Museveni to import and impose himself on the people of Uganda, he has continued to use the state security agencies to silence the people of Uganda. The key opposition figure, Dr. Kizza Besigye was arrested about ten times in a period of less than two weeks and has since remained in illegitimate detention in his home. The army, the police and state militias continue to terrorize and brutalize the citizens of Uganda; the very people they should exist to protect. The most recent and heartbreaking was the shooting of seven men in Kasese, western Uganda, by the Uganda police. That was bad enough to deserve action. But who will act?

Museveni has continued to use illegitimate state power illegitimately to kill his own people. The so called international community remains quiet. Sometimes the so called international community moves very fast to intervene in some places. We have seen the UNSC impose sanctions and even the no fly zone in some other parts of the world. For instance Col. Muammar Gaddafi was accused of killing his own people. The next thing was the no fly zone then UNSC authorized air strikes etc leading to illegitimate killing of Gaddafi. At least he stood accused of killing his own people and the so called international community felt it had the responsibility to protect (R2P) the people of Libya. The same has happened elsewhere. But we have not seen it happen in Burundi where an illegitimate regime led by Nkurunziza is killing its own people, neither has it happened in Uganda where Museveni keeps on killing his own people. But what/who are the people again?

Useful Dictator 

But yes the so called international community is activated by certain states (actually individuals). They will do it when their interests are at stake or for joyriding not really to protect any so called people. It is clear that some lives matter and others are expendable. What are Ugandans and Burundians for that matter? We can afford losing one too many of them without any serious threat to our interests I think. That is the one reason nothing seems to happen about the ongoing post-election state led killings in Uganda. But also it appears the dictator is still needed by some other people. He still remains their guy; he is a good dictator; he is relevant. If you thought the business of working with some dictators to further certain ends for the worlds’ powerful ended in the 90s with the end of the Cold War, you might be very wrong. It never ended then for the world powers still use some dictators across the world to pursue their calculated ends. Uganda’s illegitimate President Museveni remains a good dictator since he continues to serve some purpose. They are not yet done with him; he is vital in the dubious wars on some manufactured terrorism, insurgencies and conflicts across the region. Some powers somewhere are not yet done with him; they need him to pursue their ends and work for them. They cannot make noise about him now; they can only mention that he stole the elections in a diplomatically coated language and they are not ready to impose any sanction neither are they ready to activate the UNSC to do anything significant about the Ugandan situation. Only when they are done with him, they can hurriedly seek a no fly zone, until then R2P does not apply to the suffering people of Uganda. I am genuinely afraid many of them are going to die in the hands of the state agencies. 
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