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Deliberate Misunderstanding of David Ndii

Since Ndii's article on the need for Kenya to talk divorce came out, I have seen many reactions, some engulfed in bitterness but most attacking the person of Ndii not addressing the substance of the grave matters on nationhood that the article raises. I mean we saw Itumbi on TV saying that Ndii was writing like that because he missed some government job! Come on people how simplistic can we get. Can we attempt to understand the history of this country before we can attack Ndii leave a lone argue since most of those who have since responded are incapable of any cogent argument anyway. One thing is clear to me. Kenya is not a nation and it cannot, it shall not be one unless and until we gather the courage to divorce the Kenyan national narrative from the Agikuyu national narrative. These two things are different but in Kenya they have been consistently and by design forced into one. Until and unless we do that surely to the section of Kenya's population the idea of the nation doesn't exist beyond Mt. Kenya and the others will keep fighting for inclusion in this so called nation. In this case where does Kenya as a nation come in? It doesn't exist and it just can't happen until we start candid conversations. Ndii was courageous enough, we should laud him for saying what many people know but can't dare say. Let's go and boldly dismantle things like; it is the Agikuyu that fought for independence, or that it is MAU MAU that brought independence, or that Kenyatta was a freedom fighter, or that the center of Kenya is Mt. Kenya etc. All these narratives are false but they are the ones upon which some people have attempted for 52 years to build a nation called Kenya, how on earth do you build on a false foundation? 
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