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Kenya's Population Does not Work for the Progress of the Nation

The government of Kenya should be meant to understand, that is if it can understand, that a large population of citizens of this country does not work for the growth of the economy, in fact, the other way round could be the case. Those who are given opportunities to “serve” do it very well by using state and public offices to serve themselves. Rampant corruption in this country works exactly in opposite direction to state construction and national development. The rest of the people suffer from apathy; majority not motivated at all to work and or defend their country. If that is not dangerous to state formation and nation-building, then I do not know what danger means. What government should be looking at is how to make the population economically productive. It is as simple as that; having people to work for the state; to produce for the state; to guard that which belongs to the state and to take pride in the progress of their nation. We have many skilled people; Kenya is not lacking in requisite labor, unfortunately this labor is wasted, misused, underutilized, unchanneled etc.

And by the way it is also argued that certain tasks must be carried out if society is to survive and/or prosper. Certain people capable of carrying out such tasks must be attracted to taking their roles either by high rewards or by coercion. The state has both tools. The former is always the first bet but government is in possession of the latter too. What lease is benevolent dictatorship is it is not coercing people to work towards developing their nation for the common good. I won’t mind being compelled by the state to do the right thing for the progress of our nation; I doubt any intelligent person will. But people need to be convinced; they need to see that their government means well and they will offer sacrifices for the sake of the nation. As things sand, I hate even paying taxes since they actually end up in the pockets of a few individuals controlling state power and whose proper place is actually prison.  
Kenya's Population Does not Work for the Progress of the Nation Kenya's Population Does not Work for the Progress of the Nation Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on April 13, 2016 Rating: 5

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