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Must We Kill to Settle Political Differences?

Politics is like a dance! The best you can do is to enter into the dance floor with your unique style and dance so vigorously until you draw the attention of everybody else! After all, if you dance well, you will make people happy and they will cheer you up but they go home with nothing while you walk away with all fame! Both those who danced over the weekend in Nakuru and Kibra had admirers. But it almost ends at that.

But then how can you fail to be sick looking at the kind of politics we are playing in Kenya. I mean, is there no possibility that politics can be a bit sanitized in this country? Those who went to dance in Nakuru last weekend were labeled people who dance on the graves of the victims but did those who dance in Kibra make any difference? I have my doubts they did. After all, they are birds of a feather. But can’t we the peoples of Kenya manage to play politics without killing? I mean, must we kill to settle our political differences? This question is laden with significance. If we can respond to it correctly and sufficiently so then we can be sure to prevent creation of victims hence avoid a later dance on their graves as it were. Our trouble is politics. Indeed, I agree with everyone who suggests that Kenyan problems will be solved by Kenyans themselves; we have the key to our troubles. But we can be sure to be helped to solve them if we demonstrate incapacity on unwillingness to do so. That is where the ICC came in from.

The ICC might be gone, maybe not, but for me the termination of all the cases that formerly faced six citizens of Kenya some of whom hold highest offices in the land should be a window, an opportunity, a beginning of another face in the history of nation building in Kenya. This chapter cannot and must not be reduced to political rallies turned ‘prayer gatherings.’ I mean, it is very good for people to pray but then prayer alone, even if it were to be genuine, is never going to resolve all our troubles. We are known to kill and maim and rape and displace people around election time. That is the single reason Kenya earned itself the ICC situation. We cannot and we are not and we must not tackle the Kenyan problem by demonizing the ICC. We should instead go back and have a genuine national conversation on how to heal, reconcile and create national cohesion. These are not going to happen in political/prayer rallies. We have the TJCR report. It is never the perfect of documents but it can be the first step towards a long but sure route to Kenya’s better tomorrow. 
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