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Religion is not the Problem

Not in the Name of Religion

All the time they want to lie to you, use religion and hide behind the name of God to kill and destroy. We must be in the position to say no. But you can only say no if and when you are well informed. Here is the information. Simple and straightforward. Religion has never been, is not and can never be the cause for violence. Religion as such is not a problem. It cannot be a problem; it must not be a problem.  Religion is important. For too long we have understood that separation of religion and state and freedom of religion means keeping religion personal and private. It isn’t. It is public and in-your-face. Religious adherents from all faiths are proud of their beliefs, raise their children as co-believers, and seek to build religious communities. It is a big part of all of people’s identities. Ignoring religion as part of the societal and political dynamic has been a “hide your head in the sand” avoidance tactic. Let people talk, confess, practice and share about our faiths and religion as they do about themselves, after all, their beliefs are part of what they are. Or how then can we possibly separate the context of people’s faith from their humanness? But their faith is a calling for them to be good humans. Instead of working so hard to create a dichotomy between religion and the state let us focus our attention to call on Christians to be good Christians, Muslims to be good Muslims and so on. Before we know it, the world will be a better place since indeed every religion is nothing but a call to people to be good, happy, peaceful, loving, caring, charitable, merciful humans.

Religion Keeps Civility Going

For too long religion has been seen only as a source of divisiveness and conflict. I am not sure how much truth there is to that, when there are most always other factors such as wealth and power involved. We don’t say often enough that religion is what keeps civility going in our world. Societal laws only enforce what our religions teach us: decency, graciousness, and generosity. The best tool to fight coldness and indifference to social evils and the best bet at upholding personal, family and national values is religion. The state can coerce citizens to be better humans through legalization and punishment but religion can cause good humans through morality. Morality cannot be legislated. Public evils such as the scourge of corruption can better be tackled through appealing to the moral consciousness of a people. We have to realize that we cannot do this by emphasizing that religion be private. Let our children be taught in public about the importance of being good humans and morality upright members of society and slowly we shall be having more and more good citizens.

Religion Betters the World

World religions have done great work to alleviate the plight of the poor and needy. The religious call to charity lays an obligation on the believer to assist the poor. A good religious person serves humanity without seeking recognition but a politician is forced to serve humanity and they do it for recognition and in view of returns for instance through elections. Who among the two can be the best bet for ensuring that the world becomes better? The poor would be poorer without the generosity of money and time from congregants of churches, mosques, and synagogues. While these efforts are too often perceived as underhanded opportunities to proselytize, there is generally little truth in that, as the motivation is to give. In the end people who need help get it. Let’s not be enemies of religion for indeed we cannot possibly disown religion without disowning humanity – ourselves. 

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