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The Kikuyu are Greatest Victims of the Kenyanised Agikuyu Nationalism

I argue that there is need to enter into a genuine conversation to separate the Agikuyu nationalism from the perceived or intended Kenyan nationalism which does not exist as it were.  As things stand there is some sort of attempts to export the Agikuyu nationalism and make it the Kenyan nationalism. This attempt to make the Agikuyu nationalism a Kenyan nationalism has caused more suffering to the Kikuyus themselves before it has to any other community in Kenya. This is something that has caused many problems to Kenya’s nation-building and derailed the dream of the birth of a nation called Kenya. If history servers me right, I dare say that members of the Kikuyu community (Kikuyus) have suffered more than any other tribe in Kenya due to this false Kenyanised Agikuyu nationalism. The best known victims of Jomo Kenyatta's injustices such as land grabbing are Kikuyus, the people who suffered most under Moi's repressive regime are Kikuyus, the people who were worst hit by the post election violence are Kikuyus and the list can continue.

Quite tragically, led by a clique of some Mt. Kenya power brokers who are carriers of the Agikuyu nationalism majority of the Kikuyu people have been cheated and meant to believe that they must be in state control to survive and that even when they are not in power, they must have ways to wield immense influence for their survival. The fallacy is that they must be in power to survive. Unfortunately it has been made to appear as though it was the truth. This same clique worked so hard to block Moi from ascending to power and even when Moi made it through, the same clique worked so hard either to ensure he doesn't survive in power or that he must work with them or for them. In response Moi adopted dirty political tactics for his regime's survival eventually becoming a dictator. It is the same false Agikuyu nationalism perpetuated by some group of politicians with an intention to make it a Kenyan civilization that partly bares the responsibility of turning Moi into a heartless Dictator that he was. Perharps if he did not feel agrgressed and despised, Moi stood a better chance to became a Statesman that Kenyatta was not.

The Kalenjin people are known to be welcoming, the "genocide mentality" that has since been witnessed in their territories is alien to the people called Kalenjins; it isn't their nature, but it was effectively sown among the Kalenjin people to essentially target Kikuyus due to the same false Agikuyu nationalism that was being Kenyanised. I wonder how Kenyans forget so fast. It is recent history we witnessed ethnic clashes in places like Molo where Kikuyus were murdered in their numbers at the command of Moi! Who first misplaced Kikuyus from central Kenya if not Kenyatta? Members of the Kikuyu community are victims; unfortunately they are victims of a fallacy that they themselves seem to believe. Even if Uhuru Kenyatta made obvious mistakes, the Kikuyu people will almost feel compelled to still support him because they have been meant to believe they are better off with him than a Digo or Ogiek as President. They have therefore become victims of their own tragic distortion of history and civilization.

The calamity is that many Kikuyus have been lied to and meant to accept their current suffering as far better compared to the imagined suffering if and when there will be a government for instance led by a Luo, Mijikenda or Kisii. It is a lie but extremely popular not only among the Kikuyu but also other communities in Kenya and even beyond. Departing from the original lie is yet another lie whereby the rest of ethnic communities in Kenya have been meant to believe that they have no other means to come near power or control of state power other than working closely with Kikuyus. Are these the series of lies upon which we want to build a nation called Kenya? 
The Kikuyu are Greatest Victims of the Kenyanised Agikuyu Nationalism The Kikuyu are Greatest Victims of the Kenyanised Agikuyu Nationalism Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on April 05, 2016 Rating: 5

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