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The People of Kenya Must Reclaim their Nation

I had to make this very clear. I don't think CORD is the best political movement in Kenya. Jubilee isn't either. I obviously have very obvious problems with the Uhuru Kenyatta led government. I have consistently stood opposed to this government and I often flag various fundamental reasons as to why. Three years on Jubilee has moved from bad to worse; there is no chance that this government can improve. The fact that the opposition CORD has issues with government just as I do means there is a confluence but there is a huge difference between them and me. I am lonely in what I believe in. CORD and Jubilee are both made up of same greed man-eater Kenyan corrupt politicians; none can possibly substitute the other for a better Kenya. I oppose this government because as a conscientious patriotic citizen, I trust Kenya deserves better. When the President of Kenya talks you may think Kenya is Singapore; I hope people took time to listen to him keenly, during the state of the nation address, but then come on, this is Kenya corruption and state capture are literally sinking this country. There is a problem in this country that we cannot trust politicians to find solutions for. The people must rise above the CORD vs Jubilee mess and reclaim the nation. 
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