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The Post-Election Violence in Uganda: The Case of Rwenzori Region

Since the end of an election that was largely viewed as a sham in Uganda, in which the incumbent President Yoweri Museveni was declared winner, parts of the Republic of Uganda have continued to experience post lection turmoil. One of the regions worst affected by the post poll chaos has been Rwenzori region in western Uganda. The post-election violence in the Rwenzori region has so far claimed 36 lives as a result of tribal reprisal attacks. These attacks have mainly taken place in Kasese and Bundibugyo districts. On the fateful morning of 27th February 2016 Uganda woke up to the horrible killings in Bundibugyo that followed altered declaration of the Local Council Five (LCV) election results by the district returning officer of Bundibugyo. The double declaration of various winners for the same elective office immediately sparked off anxiety which resulted into 12 deaths on that very night.

The situation quickly took an ethnical dimension between the Babwisi and Bakanzo. Similar reprisals later spread to Kasese district following declaration of the Local Council Three (LC III) results of Hima Town Council. The race which was between Mr. John Katura incumbent winner of the race and Wabukombi Maate who had initially accepted defeat turned violent when Wabukombi didn’t accept the results and was purportedly supported by the Busongora North Member of Parliament Hon. William Nzoghu. The MP was alleged to have joined Mr. Wabukombi and publicly uttered statements that they would not accept the results of the electoral commission and said they would vehemently protest against the results. Indeed the protest resulted into supporters of the two candidates clashing, and in the process, 2 civilians were killed in Kikonzo village. A bar of Mr. Katura’s supporter was burnt and later a 5 roomed house belonging to Mr. Kamanyire a supporter to Mr. Katura was set ablaze. The violence would later spread to Buhuhira Sub County, where a commissioner of Police, Apolot was injured. The violence would later draw in the Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu, and on April 3rd, 2 soldiers and 2 royal guards were killed in a scuffle at the Omusinga’s palace in Kasese. Before this incident, another royal guard had been killed by flying squad, in the middle of the market after resisting arrest and attempting to grab a gun from a military officer who had come to arrest him. Many of the civilians that lost their lives in this post-election violence were killed using machetes and some of the killings bore marks of genocidal actions of children and pregnant women killed and their wombs slit open.

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